All The Calenders Calculators Old Wives Tales Were Wrong

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HannahBaby - May 22

Hey just thought i would let everyone know that i am having a boy, despite all of the websites, chinese calenders, calculators, and that one psychic site. They all said girl and the us said its a boy :o) The heartbeat was high like a girls, ladies, dont waste your time with these old wives tales because when they are right its pure concidence


mcatherine - May 22

Well, congratulations! Now you'll have one of each!! All the tests and predictors and the heartbeat indicated I was having a girl but it's a boy for me, too. I didn't really pay much attention to them, but it was fun to do them all. Congrats again!


Susan W - May 22

LOL, mine too. We just found out today that we are having another boy. Everything said I was having a girl!!


preggosauce - May 22

Hannahbaby- congrats on having your ultrasound! Mine is today as well...Not until 1:30pm Hawaii time though, so I still have a little wait..and its killin' me!! All the wives tales say I'm having a girl too, but my intuition is telling me its a boy...I keep calling it a "he" without meaning to haha. So, for its sake even though I originally wanted a girl I hope its a boy!


HannahBaby - May 22

Let me know preggosauce!! im thinking about you!!


HannahBaby - May 22

Preggosauce what are you having girl??!!


ThePezChick - May 22

All the calendars said I was having a girl and the ultrasound showed it's a boy as well. I don't put my stock into them.


cmfqueens - May 23

Congrats Erin!!! How is everything going for you other wise? have not heard from you in a while. All is well her I find out what I'm having in another agonizing three weeks. Are you excited to be having a boy? I bet Hubby is! They always are. I'm starting to lean towards a girl myself... But who knows! Glad to hear all is well. Drop me a line


Chrissythefairy - May 23

Congrats on the girl, the thing with me is most of the old wives tales were on point for me (im having a boy) but the calenders were all wrong.



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