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Sara - June 24

I have always relied on allergy medicine in the wet months. I am pregnant with 3rd child and have never had allergies like this? Is there any over the counter antihistamine that I CAN take, all I hear is no, no, no. All I think of that is ACHEW, ACHEW, ACHEW!! Please Help!


B - June 24

I take Benedryl.


carolyn - June 24

I'm 20 weeks and have been taking generic claritin since I've been pregnant. My ob/gyn takes it too and she's pregnant with her first too. I know Benedryl is safe and other allergy medicines also. See American Family Physician's website on over the counter medications in pregnancy - Of course you should check with your doctor too. I've got pretty bad allergies and if I wasn't able to take any of my allergy medicines while I was pregnant, then I would have had to reconsider getting pregnant. There's just no way that I can live without them. Good luck.


Melissa - June 25

I have bad eczema and in the past have taken antihistamines to control the itch and therefore heal it. My doctor said absolutey not. So, i know how you are feeling, driving me crazy and there is nothing I cando about it. Very frustrating. Keep your eye on the prize!!!


beth - June 25

Sara at the beginning of my pregnancy I had really bad allergies and my doctor told me that benedryl and suddafed is fine to take. I took both of them because benedryl made me sleepy.


M - June 25

Sara, Just wanted to let you know that I feel your pain my allergies are horrible this season. Pregnancy also makes them worse.


Kimberlee - June 25

I have also had really bad allergies this year as well. My doc told me to buy some Claraten OTC. That helped some what, I didn't sneeze anymore, but I was so conjested. You should call your doc. Oh, I've read that you take Benedryl for insomnia, that helps allergy suffers also. But, before you take any, contact your doc first or call your nurse. Good Luck.


lynnstress - June 27

I was taking Claritin before I knew I was PG, and my dr's office said it was ok to continue. Then, at the end of May, my allergies came on with a vengeance! I went through 3 boxes of Kleenex in about as many days. Next dr's appointment I told them I had been searching online and had seen that most thought Flonase and Zyrtec were ok during pregnancy. The dr said sure, I said write me an Rx for Flonase, the one I had expired! It's been soooooo much better. Also, Benedryl and Chlor-Trimeton are ok. Keep in mind that some also go by the standard that if a medication's benefits outweigh the risk, then go for it. I consider breathing and not sneezing constantly a huge benefit. But, as we all know, every doctor will tell you something different. Good luck!



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