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me - December 16

My skin tends to be on the dry side in the winter, but it's never been like this! Cracked & bleeding... looks like I just put my knuckles through glass! No joke. I'm not washing my hands that much, & I'm putting all kinds of lotion on them. Nothing's helping. Guess this is just another pregnancy symptom to be patient with. Anyone else having this issue?


. - December 16



melanie - December 17

I like to use body b___ter, It is very thick and it really silky, hope that helps, I get mine at the body shop. and it has all kinds of stuff in it like cocoa b___ter and some other things like that , that are very moisturizing.


L - December 17

I agree - my skin SUCKS right now. My lips too!! To conquer the sking thing I also use body b___ter from the Body Shop - I use the shea b___ter kind and it works like a charm!!


me - December 17

I've been using shea b___ter like it's a religion, & it's not working. Cocoa b___ter & aloe, too. Those things usually work like a charm, but then again... I have a yeast infection, & usually they go away really easily, & pregnancy is not letting this one go away so simply. Love those pregnancy hormones!


Laura - February 5

For the first time in my life i have dry skin!! It is normally on the oily side-like you my hands are chapped and sore and do not improve although i do wash them a lot before handling food e.t.c Also have yeast infections for the first time!


ashley - February 5

my skin is ALWAYS dry no matter the season, and its worse with pregnancy. I love bath and body's hand creams. I also use salt scrubs on my hands before putting lotion on, seems to really help. They are expensive but work really good. (or really any kind of scrub that has friction to rid dead skin.)


ashley - February 5

they have sugar scrubs too, which I like too. don't burn is bad if you have cuts on your hands.


livdea - February 5

okay me...oh I guess this is an old post but for you other girls! Try olive oil!!! It is a dream come true for me! I like to use almond oil too but olive is the most moisturizing!!



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