Allow Husband To Video Tape Birth

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vaj - July 3

hi i am 26 weeks pregnant. me and my husband have been separted now for about 6 weeks, he still calls and ask how the baby is and he wants to be in there when i have the baby but problem is he wants to video tape everything since this is his first and he says last baby. i dont like the idea cause i dont know if he will show the video to anyone else, he says he will not but who knows. do ya'll think i should let him video tape it or tell him no way? thanks


c.p. - July 3

I don't see why it is a problem for him to do so, however I suggest working on your marriage first before tackling any of these other issues.


TCM - July 3

If you are uncomfortable with it I would not do it.


Hindi - July 3

Vaj...I hope that there is a way for you two to work out your problems, and enjoy the birth together. I hope this is temporary and you will end up back together and can be happy. Good luck!


Tanya - July 4

Vaj, I am sorry that you and your husband are going through this during what should be one of the happiest times between you and your husband. I pray that if it's the desire of both of you that God renews the friendship, love, trust, and over all relationship between the two of you. You two need eachother, and worrying about whether or not you're going to video tape should be one of the last things on your mind right now. Focus on your marriage and fixing it. Fussing over that is only added stress. You don't want that, it's not that serious. They show that kind of stuff on t.v. every day, so personally I think it really is no big deal, but that's me. If you're uncomfortable, just say no and call it a day and get back to focusing on your marriage. Who knows, maybe the two of you will be back together and you'll change your mind. Good Luck!


? - July 5

Did you tell him what part you were uncomfortable with? Maybe you can agree to some sort of comprimise. Like he won't shoot your v____a or you get the tape anyd you can edit the parts you are uncomfortable with. I'm sure if you tell him why you may be able to work something out. Side Question- If you too were still together would you mind him filming the birth?


Amy - July 5

I'm very sorry to hear that you are going through this separation during your pregnancy (or at all, for that matter). That is great that your husband is still so involved with your pregnancy and seems happy about the baby. As for the video, personally, I would not want any video of me during the birthing process out of my possession. To me, that is so personal...and I would not want anyone I didn't know looking at it. I'm not even sure that I'm going to have any video of my child's birth in November...but if I will be very modest and not graphic (if you know what I mean). HA HA! Best of luck to you!


Julie - July 5

Sorry to hear about your troubles. My sister in law had her husband tape the births of her children and we watched the videos and I must say there was a lot of my sister in law that I could have went without seeing!!! I had my son 3 years ago and my husband taped right after he came out. I didn't have any reason to want to see him coming out of my v____a! This is a personal preference and I have no regrets. We got him as soon as the doc got him out.


Cindy - July 5

How about...have someone on your side videotape the birth--THEN have it EDITED and then send him a copy while you keep the original. Everybody is happy and nobody will miss anything.


Jessica F. - July 5

Normally I'd say sure why not. BUT you are separated. I would have to say not no BUT HELL NO!!!!! what is this man thinking??? He can be an enthusiastic dad without the tape recorder. And further more I don't think I'd even want him in the delivery room. And I'd also let the hospital know that no video recorders will be allowed in the room period!


Jennifer - July 6

I agree with what both Julie and Cindy said. If you do decide to video tape, let someone you know and trust do it, and edit it for his viewing pleasure. I love my mom very much, but personally I would not want to see my self coming out of her v____a. Do people really think their children are going to want to see that one day? I guess some people tape it for themsleves and their husbands to watch again, but I think most anyone else would be pretty uncomforatable watching it. Taping after the baby is born sounds great. Catch all those wonderful first moments as a family. It is my personal opinion that I wouldn't want to see anyone's birth video.


Julie - July 6

It's like watching TLC or the Discovery Channel they show everything but the actual v____al delivery part. I don't want anyone to see what is going on down there. Especially all the other stuff going on. I know that I got hemroids really bad down there and some other nasty stuff came out of my b___t! That is the last thing I want on a video tape.


Tanya - July 6

Personally, I find the miracle of birth wonderful and exciting. Many older people (my mom's age-late 50's and older) who I talk to feel the way many of you feel about no video tape and all that, but I can expect that from them. For my generation (late 20's), many of them who I talk to say they could care less. I'm one of those ones who could care less. I wasn't able to video tape my first child, and I regret it. My husband and I were so nervous that we left everything at home, so we missed that one, but we won't with this one. We plan to video tape and whoever wants to see it can see it. It's a spectacular part of life and what we do. Why are we so shamed of that?



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