Almost 23 Weeks Where Is My Belly

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ella431 - October 22

Hey ladies. Im almost 23 weeks now and BARELY showing at all. I have a little ponchy, but nothing noticeable. Is this normal? One day am i going to wake up and say WHOA im huge! Thanks for any reassuring advice that this may be normal :)


tmjulien - October 22

Hey ella, I'm 24 weeks and 3 days and everyone says I don't look it. Im barely showing and most women that tell me that have a little pouch from previous preg or are overweight. I guess flat stomach isn't in anymore. ; ) when im naked i can clearly tell that im pregnant and the baby even kicks to where i can see it. don't worry because you are probably right, oneday you will just b__w up and pa__s out in the mirror, just kidding!!!! good luck!!!!


Cevvin - October 22

I remember on my last child that my dh looked at me one day and said "whoa your pregnant" ha ha. so there is that point where you just explode. Good luck, and congratz


mommylove2 - October 22

Don't worry! I was the same way with my first pregnancy--hardly showing up until the last trimester. But, the good thing about growing slowly, no stretch marks!!! It used to annoy me though when I would tell people I was x weeks along and they would look at me and say I didn't even look pregnant!!!


ella431 - October 22

haha yeah i have to admit its kind of nice not being so large so early. im sure one day ill wake up looking like a balloon. thanks for the rea__suring advice :) its also my first baby so I guess thats another reason why im not showing so much


cynthia502 - October 23

Don't worry - my first one, I was still wearing my regular clothes at almost 5 months....your muscles need some time to stretch, especially if you had a tone abdomen. You know your little one is in there and that is all that matters. You are right howeve, one day you will just "pop" out and wonder where it came from. Enjoy it while you can and before the waddle walking starts! On the other side of things, I am 15 weeks pregnant with twins and already look 5 months pregnant! Most people thing I am a lot farther along, until I tell them it is twins...then they understand. Good luck and enjoy your pregnancy!


duckiec - October 23

If it helps any, Ella, I'm in the same boat. I definitely look bigger- but it is NOT a cute baby belly... it looks like I didn't stop myself at the buffet! At 22wks I went to maternity clothes, they look pretty silly but nothing else fits either. Its my first (not counting m/cs) too, and I've heard/read that this is all pretty normal. Good luck!


HeavenisMine - October 24

That is fine, as long as you are doing well at doctor's visits. I am 36 weeks and still feel smaller than I should be. I mean I am showing but I don't look like the cla__sic, carrying a beach ball around in my shirt, mother.


lala7 - October 28

Hi, I'm the same. I'm 19 weeks and although I definitely look pregnant to me and to dh, my stomach is definitely not big at all. Most of the time I get comments like 'oh but you're tiny' when I tell people how far along I am or 'but you don't look pregnant' as if I'm lying about it all! It's so frustrating though because it makes me feel self conscious about it, as if i'm not legitimately pregnant just because I'm not huge. But we saw our baby 2 days ago and everything is going really well so it's definitely in there - despite what people say!


besos4bebe - November 3

Hey Ella, I totally feel your frusturation. I'm 20 weeks and am not showing at all. I'm not overweight, but I did not start out with toned stomach muscles either... I guess that it does have its pluses but I'd rather be off to have people know that I'm pregnant without having to tell them!



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