Alot Of Back Pain

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kolleen_caudillo - March 24

ok im 25 weeks 3 days and im having alot of back pain and its driving me nuts. its in my mid back and no matter what i do it wont go away. it comes on in the evening every night. i know its probably from carrying extra weight and from the pregnancy but what can i do to help it???? tylenol and a heat pad arent cutting it and i dont have a tub!!!! its effecting me sleeping, but what isnt these days right


joey - March 25

hi kolleen, you poor thing...i a__sume you've probably tried this but if not do so as it really works for me... pregnancy pillow! I find when i don't use it my back hurts all day as i sleep in odd positions where i basically twist my spine and with the extra tummy it pulls through the night and i wake up sore...but when it put the preg pillow between my legs to sleep it takes off all the pressure and is a million times better.... x x


joey - March 25

...also if that doesn't work you could try a ma__sage i guess? Sorry I don't have a doctor answer i just know what feels great through my pregnancy and i know when i don't do those things my back hurts...


mjvdec01 - March 25

I feel your pain! I awoke at 4am to horrible back pain. I know it is from the weight of my uterus and the extra weight I am carrying around my middle. I had the same problem with my first pregnancy. I have tried pregnancy pillow, heating pads and Tylenol and nothing except for getting out of bed does anything to help. I would not suggest getting in a hot tub, because of the heat most OB's don't want you to use one. Mine told me, "absolutely not", when I asked.


kolleen_caudillo - March 25

u know iever tried the pillow. i tried just a regular pillow but i have to say it sucked. so i keep telling my dh that i need a pregnancy one. he thinks that its just a pillow shaped different. yeah it is but it helps with taking pressure off in extra areas. OOOOHHHHH!!! he says. ih the joys of being pregnant!!


mjvdec01 - March 25

kolleen, if you find the miracle cure please let me in on it.


QueenBeeMama - March 25

I don't know if you could try some of those ma__sage tools like they have at Bed, Bath & Beyond, or a pregnancy ma__sage? I also think a chiropractor who specializes in pregnancy could really help, if you can't find any relief for your back pain, it could be worth every single penny. I was always uncomfortable and tried stretching, sitting differently, warm bath, heating pads, ma__sage. I gave up in the last trimester and slept on the couch on my side, my hubby cut a board from plywood and we put it under the couch cushions to firm up the sleeping surface, and that helped keep my hips in alignment, which really helped with the discomfort. Try everything bc you might find that one trick that works, and that will make all the difference. I hope you feel better soon!



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