Alternatives For Grandma

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sadie - October 27

my mom refuses to be called grandma, any suggestions for alternatives? we are german and irish if that helps. i call my grandmother nanny but she does not like that either.


C. - October 27

I think Mimi (me-me) is cute.


Rebecca - October 27

We called our Grandma "Grammie" and my mom called her Grandma "Gram."


kah - October 27

What about Grams? Or Oma which is german for grandma. Irish is is Mamo. Or Nanna? Hope that helps...


Jessica - October 27

My mother is so creative in a way. Her father used to call her lolly as a nickname so she has decided that she wants to be called Lolly and my father Pop. How cute "lolly pop"!!! Shes a trip!!


ry - October 27

awesome suggestions! My mom is only 45 and is really young and pretty so the whole "grandma" thing turns her off too. Mimi and Nana are really cute!


Amber - October 27

I come from a Dutch/German family, and g-parents go by Oma and Opa.


shelly - October 27

You could use nama, I like that one


kimberley - October 27

What about just nan, or nana. I am 36, and my grandson (who is 13 weeks) is going to call me nanny....I too dont feel like a "grandma" hehehe....It sounds old.


Randi - October 27

what about ma ma


... - October 28

We're Irish/English and I call my Grandma "Gram" as well.


KLC - October 28

My sons call me mother NaNa(in fact it was my older sons first word) but when my daughter started talking she couldn't say NaNa so she calls her Nina. It's really cute!!


Emily - October 28

My mom wanted so badly to be called "Mimi" but when my niece (first grandchild) started talking, she couldn't quite say it right, so she's become "Mi-Moe."


ANGELA - October 29

I called my grandmother "Mommer" and still do to this day. She loves it. The name came from me rationalizing at 3 that I had a Mom and another Grandma so she than became Mommer.


Gemma - October 30

Nan I think sounds the youngest but you could also use Nana, Nanny, Gran or Granny.


Chris - October 30

Ya Ya its greek for Grandma and Pa pou for grand pa


Renee - October 30

My mom and step dad use "Oma and Opa" as grandma and grandpa are taken my by father and stepmother. It's german and easy for the kids to say



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