Alternatives For Grandpa

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ce - October 19

Does anyone use any alternatives besides grandpa? My stepfather is excited about becoming a grandfather but isn't excited about being called grandpa .. he thinks it makes him sound too old .. he's only 42. I can't think of anything else besides pop or pop pop .. he's not too crazy about them either. Any suggestions?? He's full blown Italian so I was trying to find how to say it in Italian also .. anyone know that?


r - October 19

my cousins just call their grandpa "pa"


Lisa - October 19

I call mine Papa...and he likes it.


Jessica - October 19

My friends child calls her grandpa which is kind of different but his name is Tim and the G is for grandpa. So its grandpa Tim (GT). I think its cute.


Jessica - October 19

Typo- Calls her grandpa, GT


Cathy - October 20

Nonno is Grandfather in Italian.


jb - October 20

My grandfather was italian and we always called him papa.


Erin - October 20

We're going to call my dad Pappy lol but that sounds waay old man so I'm sure your stepfather wouldn't want to be called that


Heather - October 20

what about poppie?


p - October 20

my husband calls his gramps paw paw


kj - October 20

My step father is italian and its "Papa" all the way! I know a couple of my friends fathers have their kids call the papa as well cause they feel grandpa is too old!


Tamara - October 20

my nephew calls my dad dad is only 42 almost 43 and he likes it. we have a young family.


Alicia - October 20

Well... when my 3 year old was born, I was determined that my mom and dad were going to be called Grammy and Grandfather. When Alivia started talking, she named them herself :) They are now Mae and Tar-Tar. kids say the darndest things. I thought that was really cute though. I don't know of many grandparents out there with names as original as that!


MJM - October 20

My daughter calls my dad PaPa. She calls my father in law Grand Dad. My friends kids call their g-pa Nonno. Why dont you wait until your child comes up with something on his/her own. A gal that works with me is in her late 40's and her granddaughter called her Bob instead of grandma. So now that is what all the grandkids call her. I think it is so cute when they think of their own name of a relative.


Mandi - October 20

I still call my grandfather "PAPPY".


Samantha - October 20

I call my grandpa PaPa and my grandma NaNa. Anyways...I had a question for you girls. I'm about to be 21 years old and my mom just turned 40. I am due in April and like ce said my mother thinks she is too young to be called Grandma...any suggestions?


Maggie - October 20

My niece calls her grandma Mom-Mom. Her grandma thouht she was too young to be grandma so thats what they went with.



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