Am I Eating Way To Much

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LL - April 13

Just want your opinions on this. I'm 25 weeks and have been so hungry lately all day long. Today for example from 8:00am this morning until now I have eaten the following; banana, cup of fat-free chocolate Jell-O pudding, an orange, some chex mix, a single serving of easy Mac (Mac cheese), a single serving of peaches and I just had a snack size bag of microwave popcorn. I'm trying to write down everything I eat to help track my weight better and it seems I'm eating way too much. I've already gained 13lbs so far in my pregnancy and I go back to the doctor again the week after next and I'm scared of what the scale is going to say. Plus I'm already thinking of what I can cook for dinner when I get home from work. I hope this is just a short stage of pregnancy. Any thoughts?


LL - April 13

Oh and I just ate a Easter cookie that someone our staff brought in............


amyn - April 13

I don't think you are eating to much. I"m 14 weeks and I've eaten way more than that.. Just make sure you get your protein and veggies :) Now you made me hungry for easy mac and cheese, darnit :)


michellep - April 13

I would say you're fine. I'm at 13 weeks and I've only managed to gain 2 lbs! My doctor said I need to gain a lb. a week to stay on track now. That would put me at 14 lbs. by 25 weeks.


Been There - April 13

Alt least you're not eating stuff that's too full of fat. You're halfway through and the average weight gain is 25, so you're looking good. Besides, it's not your fault your body's doing overtime and you need to provide it with energy to do so. Work out after you deliver. You'll be fine.


livdea - April 13

just be carefull...I don't know what happened buy I wasn't eating a whole heck of a lot (I thought) and in one month...I packed on 11 POUNDS! I don't really see it hiding any where so I'm not sure where it is, but I'm sure here in a few days it's going to show up. But you don't sound like you are eating too much!


bloodlust - April 13

livdea, I know excactly what you mean. Yesterday atm y doc apointment, I discovered I was gained 13 IN A MONTH! I have no idea how. I do eat a bit more than I used to but I'm keeping it below 2,200 cals a day and make sure that the majority of it is healthy My doctor was a bit concerned but said that it should leve off and I believe it has because the scale hasn't went up in about 2 weeks. :/


livdea - April 13

I'm glad I'm not the only one with a MAJOR gain in the last month. I don't really feel it and seriously it just appeared. I don't weigh myself at home...just incase I go into shock or some thing!!! Don't worry LL you'll be fine!


3babies - April 13

Hi girls, I just wanted to say, that with my pregnancies it was always around this stage that I gained quickly. With my first I gained 10 kg and with the second 7kg which isnt much, but I probably put on about 5kg somewhere between weeks 20 - 30. Dont worry about the appet_te LL, it will slow down. As you get bigger you cant each as much anyway. Also you will find you have these surges of wanting to eat everything in sight for a few days. You're being pretty sensible, not like you're eating a box of donuts and a tub of ice-cream. I figure if your body is telling you you are hungry you should eat something. You could also try a gla__s of milk or water first to take the edge off?


LL - April 17

Thanks for all your comments and support! Livdea I had a similar experience to yours. I remained at my pre-pregnancy weight for some time, 125 lbs., and then at one of my visit I had gained 5 lbs. witch I didn’t worry too much about until my next appt when I had packed on an additional 8 lbs. in a month. My next appt is next week and if I keep up this trend there's no telling what the scale will say this time and I feel that I’ve gotten bigger. I guess I just expected the weight gain to be more gradual and heavier towards the end of the pregnancy. My doctor is not to concerned at this point but he did say that anything I gain over the 25lbs they recommend would most likely still be hanging around at my post partum check up and would take me some time to get off which I guess I has gotten me a little paranoid. I have been trying to get out and walk lately for exercise but I still can’t seem to slow down the eating.


drea - April 17

Its soo nice to hear I'm not the only one. I had a doc's appt on the 6th and I had gained 12 POUNDS in one month. I have no idea where it went, but the scale didn't lie. Now I'm paranoid about everything I eat. Now that the nice weather is here, hopefully I will get my b___t off the couch and get some exercise. I wouldn't worry LL, I think your fine. Good Luck ladies


Shannah - April 17

Glad to hear it! I am 24 weeks and I go back to the doctors next week and I just got on the scale at home and I gained 11 pounds this month. Where did it all go...I am always hungry. Now I am at 20 lbs. I can't believe it!!!



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