Am I Hurting My Baby

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Alicia - April 21

I'm 18 weeks, and for the past 3 days, I have CRAVED mexican food, so I went 3 days in a row to this mexican restaurant for lunch and had cheese enchiladas, beans and rice...and of course as you can imagine, I feel like I have to go to the bathroom, but I can't! I'm a little worried that I could be hurting the baby in some way by what I am eating, I'm done with the mexican for a while, but I just wanted to know if anyone else had a similar situation and do you know if it is hurting my baby? Thanks


Beth - April 21

My fiance is Mexican, so there is no getting pa__sed the eating Mexican food here, haa haa. I eat it all the time and LOVE it, I am not a big craver person, the only thing I always truly want is good chips and salsa I can eat it every day all day. I don't know that it is hurting the baby, I am 21 weeks and the dr has not asked me what I am doing becuase he thinks there is something wrong so I take that as a good sign.


Misty - April 21

I didn't have a similar situation,(although Mexican is sounding really good now that you mentioned it) I really doubt that it would do anything to hurt your baby. Lots of women get constipated while they are pregnant, it is a common thing brought on by more than Mexican food. Some foods are harmful, but because they contain bacteria that isn't lways killed, like with some fish. But enchiladas, beans and rice....I'm sure everything is fine.


Mom-to-be - April 21

Many pregnant women get constipated because they don't drink enough water. Try getting at least 8 cups of water a day. That should make it all better!!


Misty - April 21

Speaking of water. I found out why it is so important. Once you get to 14 weeks the baby starts to urinate in the amniotic fliud, so it gets completley replenished every 3 hours. That is why you have to make sure you drink enough fliud. I found that rather facinating.(sp)


jess - April 21

hey misty girl!! so how much water do ya'll drink in a day?? i try and have 3 bottles of water and 2 oj' that enough??


raye lynn - April 21

my midwife says 128 ounces a day for pregnant women is imperative. Thats 16 gla__ses a day!! It helps with swelling, cramping, etc.. It does work. After a week, you quit peeing all the time too. I ate mexican everyday for 2 weeks, everything is fine. The baby takes what it needs. Enjoy!


Sam - April 22

Ugh! The thought of that much water makes me queasy. As far as the Mexican food is concerned, don't worry about it. You might want to cut down on the cheese for a couple of days. Too much cheese always makes me constipated.


PP - April 22

MMMMMMMmmmmm. I love Mexican Food!!! Ok I understand the water thing and I cannot drink enough water. I go over that easily but my vice is milk. I have went through a gallon of milk by myself in 4 days. I love milk. The problem is I can't eat very much at all lately, all I want is milk or water. Lots of Milk and Water!!!!


monica - April 22

I have the opposite problem I go to the bathroom 3 to 4 times a day. Everything makes me go, cheese, fruit, vegetables. I wish I only went once a day.


Tarah - April 22

I don't think it's hurting your baby as much as it's hurting you with your constipation and all! Eating some fiberous foods can help with that!Pretty soon, though, you're probably not going to want to eat spicy foods because when you get a little further along, indegestion could get bad!! You'll be burping up everything you eat, spicy or not! Good luck!! =)



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