Am I Hurting The Baby

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anechka - May 11

I try not to sleep on my tummy and more but sometimes I'll wake up in the middle of night on my belly because that's always been my favorite way to sleep!!! Am I hurting the baby??? I'm 16 weeks pregnant and I want my baby to have a good nights rest too!!! What should I do???


EllieBaby - May 11

Sorry I don't know, but you might as well change the way you sleep and buy the special pillows to help you sleep proprely because you have to start sleeping on your side soon anyway. But if you want a good answer call your doctor, they're there to help with your pregnancy.


Micky - May 11

Buy a body pillow...that will help you sleep on your side..they are $15 at Walmart..


Taffy - May 11

I was the same. I prefer to sleep on my tummy. I asked the Dr and was told that its not dangerous yet (I'm 18 weeks) but to try and get into the habit on sleeping on my side so that its easier in the future. I use a pillow to support my upper leg and it also stops me from rolling over in my sleep. I actually find it more comfortable now that I'm used to it.


Kim L - May 12

Pretty soon you will no longer be able to sleep on your tummy without being extremely uncomfortable. This just happened to me at 19 weeks. So I think the problem will probably take care of itself! But a body pillow is probably a good suggestion too - might help you get used to sleeping on your side comfortably. Good luck!


dee23 - May 16

a $15 body pillow? omg where do u live micky? body pillows are $80 here.


falafal0 - May 16

Because you shouldn't be too big yet, it would be ok, but if you kind of prop a normal pillow up under you belly so you're kind of lying sideways, but the belly is totally in the pillow, it's quite confortable. I have a body pillow that is the length of our bed and it's awesome. You can wrap it and bend it to suit what mood you're in. I too sleepp on my side with the leg propped up - it helps stop the roll over thingy, but am also very comfortable with almost lying on my tummy, but propped up with pillows too. Try it and experiment. After awhile, you won't be able to sleep straight on you rtummy anyway!


AmyB - May 16

i am the same way anechka i prefer to sleep on my belly too....i am also 16 wks and still sleeping on my tummy...its not uncomfortable yet...but i was thinking of investing in a body pillow also!


Kim L - May 16

Oh my - if you are paying $80 for a body pillow you are getting ripped off, I don't care where you live! You can get them at either Target or WalMart for $20-$30 (the more expensive kind that are specially designed for maternity are $50). Happy sleeping all!


yourtrish - May 18

I was also an AVID TUMMY SLEEPER up until about 22 weeks, but now at 24 weeks, it's almost impossible for me to sleep on my stomach and if I manage to get myself into that position, the baby kicks so much that there's no way I could sleep. So I've naturally started to sleep on my sides and sometimes end up on my back. Try not to worry about it, the more anxious you are, the harder it will be to fall asleep, and I honestly think that once your body hits the point of no return, you'll naturally move off you're stomach. Even it I wanted to, I couldnt' sleep on my tummy any more and I barely even noticed the fact that I can't do it anymore. It's basically instinct to sleep on my side at this don't worry! Your body will tell you when it's time to turn!


Perl - May 18

Full length body pillows are only $12 at Mervyn's last time I checked. Bath & Body has them for $10. What makes a "maternity" body pillow any better?


Kim L - May 19

Hi Perl: I don't know if a maternity pillow is necessarily better, but the difference is that they are curved into a U shape and can be used to support your tummy and your back at the same time. Has anybody used one of these? I think they look heavenly but I haven't bought one.


SuzieQ - May 19

I received a pregnancy pillow from a friend. It's kind of U-shaped and is filled with beanbag stuff almost. It's from Sweden, so I'm not sure if it's the same as what's available here. It's firmer than a pillow, adjusts to my body heat easily, and is wonderful. I love it!


dee23 - May 20

ahhh! u have a walmart...that makes in australia...and the minimum ive seen for a body pillow is $80...but everything here is double the dollar of everything in places like the u.s., but the u.s is twice as expensive...if that makes any sence


livdea - May 21

I still wake up sleeping on my tummy! I'm 32 weeks now and I don't stay on my tummy for long cause it's pretty umcomfy for me and girly but it's not harmful! I even did a full b__wn belly flop onto the bed at around 27 weeks...don't know what I was thinking...but..didn't hurt her any. Enjoy it for as long as you can!



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