Am I Losing Essential Nutrients From Nausea

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Jane - August 22

I'm 14 weeks and my morning sickness has gotten worse (although I thought it should be getting better around this time). I can't seem to hold anything down (even liquids). Is my body getting its nutrients even though everything just comes back out? And does this mean I'm not getting my vitamins from the prenatal pills since that comes out as well, shortly after taking it?


parthena - August 22

i really dont know. i would ask your doctor. i know that i had it so bad that i had went on a tomato and cuc_mber and cracker diet for almost 2 weeks and i could barely hold that down.


I was told - October 13

I was told to eat 'pedia pops' you can get them @ any pharmacy & they are for kids when they are dehytrated...but they'll get you the nutrients you are not getting from being sick all the time..and they taste just like popsicles :)


Michelle - October 15

My doctor told me that even if you are sick your baby is still getting all the vitamins he/she needs....Also I was told that ginger helps with nausea...unfortunately I was told that after I was done having morning sickness so I did not get to test the theory. Anyway, try anything with ginger in like ginger ale, ginger cookies, whatever....


Jennifer - October 28

I too was extremely sick. I actually lost 8 lbs. in the first trimester. My Dr. prescribed Zofran. It is completely safe for pregnant women and works wonders!


Rachel - November 17

FYI--it's "Preggie Pops," not Pedia pops. They're great and all natural.


angela - November 19

you can loose essential nutrients if vommiting is extreme, and if the doctors determines it is necessary, he can prescribe something for it. To correct the last persons comments, Pedia Pops are to replenish nutrients and rehydrate during bouts of nausea and diarreha, preggie pops are candy-like lolly pops that are supposed to help with nausea. Two different things.



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