Am I Losing Mucous Plug Or What

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AshleyB - June 24

Hi, this may be tmi-- but, I'm 15wks, and I frequently get a yellowy/cloudy/greenish discharge. There's no odor or any discomfort or itching or anything. I'm positive I don't have any std's so please don't say its that. But It's usually clumpy and very stretchy/stringy. Is this part of my mucous plug that is coming out? I get it the most after bowel movements. Sorry if this is yucky, it just has me a little worried.


tndrlvn - June 24

How far along are you Ashley??


SuzieQ - June 24

It sounds like either a mild yeast infection or just regular excess discharge from pregnancy to me (obviously totally unmedical :) I was getting something similar after bowel movements too and it turned out to be a yeast infection (no odors or itching either). From what I've read, your mucous plug is quite large when it comes out and sometimes streaked with blood.


AshleyB - June 25

Thanks ladies. Tndrlvn-I'm 15wks. Thanks suzieq, I hope you're right. I don't have a doc appt for another few weeks but I'll ask them then.


HannahBaby - June 25

doesnt sound like it AshleyB, the plug is usually blood tinged and having more discharge after a BM is totally normal (espically if you have to strain) Good luck


ThePezChick - June 26

Ashley, I wouldn't wait for my doctor's appt. If your doctor is like mine you can call in with concerns. They'll call you back and let you know if they need to see you sooner than your appt. In fact, they have encouraged me to call as there have been a few times I waited and was worried about something but didn't want to "bother" them. The "greenish" nature of the discharge would be enough to have me call (not that I'm saying there's anything to be concerned about) by itself. Good luck!


Erin333 - June 26

I've been having a yellowish, thick mucus like discharge since about 15 weeks. I finally asked my doctor about it and she informed me that it is just the "regular" clear discharge, but it turns yellow when it is exposed to oxygen. I have been tested for infections and do not have any. Do not worry about an infection unless you have some other symptoms. Good luck.



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