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Belle - March 31

Since I became pregnant, my s_x drive really took a dive. It just seems like a hassle, I dont even have s_xual thoughts anymore. We don't talk about it, but I think my husband also has conflicting feelings, even though I know he loves me more than ever. But when I sleep, I dream about s_x every night. And not always with my husband, but with previous boyfriends. Am I mean?


Alma - March 31

I feel the same way you do. At this point s_x is just another chore. I just do it to please my husband, but if I had a choice we would cuddle for a few minutes and then go to sleep. It has nothing to do with how I feel about him. It's my raging hormones and me being tired all the time. So, no you are not mean. It's normal to have a declining s_x drive when you're pregnant. Just hang in there!


Foxy - March 31

No, you're not mean. It's common for women to go off s_x during pregnancy. My s_x drive has been going from one extreme to the other since I got pregnant. Sometimes I crave s_x all day and then I go completely off it for a week or two. My husband is very understanding though and is content with a cuddle if that's all I can offer.


ekay - March 31

I am 15 weeks and dread doing the chore. Luckily our schedules make it so I don't always see him at night when the opportunity would arise. But when I do see him and I know he is expecting it, I sometimes feel like crying because I just loath having s_x right now. I get so angry while we are actually having s_x because it is iterfering with my sleep. I sometimes wonder if my lack of s_x drive right now is healthy or if I need to talk to my doctor, because I seriously HATE having it right now.


Belle - April 1

Thanks. It is very rea__suring to know that I am not alone!


M - April 2

Belle, thanks so much for your posting. The EXACT same thing is happening to me. I really don't have any s_x drive but I dream about s_x. It's so strange.



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