Am I The Only One Who Looks Pregnant

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ThePezChick - May 18

Everyone keeps mentioning how they don't look pregnant, haven't gained weight, etc. I'm 20 weeks today. Am I the only one on this board who looks pregnant? There's no doubt I'm pregnant... 5 months pregnant. I was about 119 lbs when I got pregnant and a size 3-4. Now I have a big ol' belly and could only fit in regular clothes in my fantasies! It makes me worry that I'm gaining too much weight! Come on, surely not everyone on here is losing weight!


HannahBaby - May 18

haha Im not gaining any weigh yet but am definatly looking pregnant. I am 19 weeks with my second baby. How much weight have your gained?? Im still -1 from my first appointment at 7 weeks. I am being very conscous of what i am eating because i was very bad with my daughter and gained 40lbs so im trying really hard to be good. You are definatly not the only one looking pregnant!!


Jen - May 18

Pez, I am with you all the way. I was about 120 before I got pregnant. I am 20 weeks too! I bought maternity clothes in my first trimester because I popped out pretty fast. I am now 134. Everyone keeps asking if I am carrying twins, but the ultrasound just showed one baby boy.


SuzieQ - May 18

I've had strangers ask me how far along I am, so I must look pregnant :) I'm 20wks and had only gained 6lbs at my 17 wk appt. I don't have a scale, so I'm not sure what I've gained in the last three weeks. All my old pants no longer fit - even my low rise ones are uncomfortable when I sit down now.


divinelibra - May 18

HELL NO! lol. i DEFINATELY look pregnant! look at my babys web page and click on pictures!


ThePezChick - May 18

Divine... I loved your website. Now I don't feel so bad. Looks like you and I are looking about the same. I don't know why I've gained so much weight. It's not like I'm eating everything in sight.


Erynn21 - May 18

I am getting really big and have been for a long time, I had a tummy @ 8wks. and now @ 24wks some dumb guy asked how many days I had left. I said I have 3 months, then he had some dumb remark, I had the question of twins in the beginning, but there's just 1 little girl in there, i am measuring ahead though. I feel like I look awesome, it's funny earlier today some ppl could barely tell that I'm pg because of what I was wearing, now this evening everyone can tell because I have a tank top on and a skirt so my belly looks all big. Here's to those of us who are looking pg, I personally really like it.


sa__sifras - May 18

I am 20 wks and just POPPED 2 weeks ago. I was a 4 as well but now I just cant b___ton my pants at all. Theres no hiding it even though I have only gained 6 pounds.


divinelibra - May 18

thanks pez. i'm tipping the scales, OVER 200! ya'll have NOTHING to feel bad about! lol.


ChaycesMom - May 19

Ive posted on the forums that I have had a neg weight gain, 13 1/2 lbs, but beleive it or not I am huge. I am almost 27 weeks and have been showing for quite a while, since maybe 20weeks or so. PezChick - you are definitley not alone.


CKSAN - May 19

People who knew me were commenting on my pregnancy at 12 weeks!!!! Strangers at 14 weeks. In fact, at 15 weeks a total stranger said "So, your having your baby soon?" I said, "Yeah, in 6 months!" This my second. I went alot farther last time without showing


Nancy - May 19

You sound right on track! Not sure how anyone can not gain weight well into their second trimester and be told that it is normal - but what I have read is that if you are overweight to begin with, you shouldn't be gaining as much early on nor will you show as much until later. The more slender you are the more obvious your pregnancy will be. I'm 26 weeks and have been showing since 16 weeks or so, have put on about 18lbs.


Lil_Mamma - May 19

Hey:) I am 19 and 23 weeks pregnant... At 2 months you could tell I was pregnant - I was around 119 before pregnancy and now im 133..... There are 4 other girls in my office that are around the same date as me and you cant even tell that they are pregnant! I think it just depends on your bone structure! Just ask your doctor if your weight gain is normal :)


michellep - May 19

People have started asking me how far along I am and when I'm due. I'm only 19w and can't fit into my regular clothes anymore either. I was about your size to start out with too.


scarlett - May 20

Lol what are you talking about? I've had a bump since i was 2mths pregnant, and it's been growing since. I'm 17 weeks now and happily look pregnant. I've gained about 2 kilograms for now.


ThePezChick - May 20

Thanks Ladies! I feel much better. I go to the doctor Tuesday, so I'll see what he says. It does seem like I'm growing "out" instead of getting big all over. Well, except my b___bs which are huge! I appreciate your support!


Betul - May 20

I am also 20 weeks, haven't been eating sweets or junk food and I have gained 30 lbs so far. Started showing at 10 weeks and had to wear maternity clothes since. My husband says I look like I did when I was 9 months pregnant with my last I am very active and eat a good diet, nothing different this pregnancy but the pounds are piling on. But I am growing out, not all Only difference this pregnancy is that it is girl and all my others were boys!



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