Am I Way Over Protective

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skylersmom - May 10

i feel like im over protective of my 3 year old and my fiance tells me i am. but i cant help it. i used to work and he went to daycare. hes always had babysitters. but i do not want to leave him with anyone. my mom is in fl (im in ny) and shes like the only one i would want to leave him with. i guess besides my fiance's family. but i had to leave him with my friend yesterday for a couple hours and i was sick in my tummy the whole time thinking something would happen to him or he wouldnt get a drink if he needed one or something to eat! also, at night when im laying there trying to sleep, i think bad thoughts....about never seeing him again. i think about a fire in the apartment andi cant get to him in time....i think about car accidents. i mean, i stop myself from thinking it, but why do i even start to think about that stuff? im afraid when the new baby comes he wont get as much attention and love :( im just so afraid of something happening to him, it kills me. i dont wanna let him out of my site! is this normal??? i didnt used to be like this.


kmwebber - May 10

This is completely normal. Most mothers think that no one can take as good of care of their child as they can. I have a hard time leaving my daughter with my mother in law. She's very sweet but very forgetful and her driving is awful. I told my husband that she is not allowed to drive with our daughter in the car. After he drove with her he agreed. I also put our daughter in Montesori a private school here. I think they have better security then the public schools. They have a person at the front at all times and you have to be buzzed in to get inside the building. The back of the school also has electric gates that you need a code to be able to get in back there since the playground is in the back. I work full time and dont really have the option to stay home. There is a daycare that I will be putting this baby in when I go back to work that has camera's in the cla__s room so that you can log on at work and watch your child in the cla__s room and make sure their getting the care that is needed. But, every mother goes through worrying about there child it is completely normal if a mother didn't worry there would be something wrong with her.



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