Ambiguous Test Results For My Glucose Tolerance Test

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krissy2006 - March 18

Hey ladies, was hoping you could help me out with this. Yesterday I did my glucose tolerance test. Drank the stuff at 9:30AM, had blood taken at 10:30AM and didn't eat anything beforehand. I called about 4 hours later for my results and spoke with the nurse. She said my number was 139 and that I was "well within normal range". I persisted and made her emphasize that I do not have gestational diabetes and she said, nope you don't. I hung up. Then I call back because I remember I don't know what the range was and 139 sounds high in comparison to other stories I have heard. When I ask her what the range is, she says it tops out at 140 so I am one point under. My question is this: Because I was 1 point under does that mean I will not have to do the 3 hour test? Does it mean I am borderline and will most likely have to do the 3 hour test? Or what do you ladies think??? I googled the heck out of this and everyone i read who had a 139 out of a 140 range didn't have to do it, but I'm worried. I have my Third tri OB appt on Thursday so I will know for sure then but I am just a bit paranoid. Thanks in advance for your help!


fefer1 - March 18

hey krissy - don't worry about it! If they don't think it's a concern it probably isn't. They see a million of these tests. :) I don't even know what my number was - they just said it looked great. I think they would tell you if you needed to do more tests...but I guess you can always call back and ask.


mjvdec01 - March 19

If you are really that concerned you can always request the 3 hour test to ease your mind, but I agree with fefer1.


krissy2006 - March 19

Thanks ladies... the reason I am asking is cuz it was the nurse who told me my results were in normal range... and then told me she didn't know if I would need to take the 3 hour one. I was just wondering if any of you had a similar experience or would know? I know they have a 'good range' for a reason but being as 140 is where the good part tops out and I was 139 I am just a bit concerned. If I truly am in 'good range' thats great, I am just antsy to know if my doc is gonna call it that or call it borderline... sorry, im a worry wart. :)


preggosauce - March 19

Hey Krissy- I was read on another thread that you are from Vancouver Wa?? I grew up there! I moved to Hawaii in 2003 because my husband (who also grew up in Vancouver) got stationed here (he is in the ARMY). I'm missing Vancouver so much!! All my family is there. Luckily since I had my daughter I'm a stay at home mom, which has allowed me to go back and visit often. What area of Vancouver do you live in? Anyway, sorry this is off your topic.....However, about the glucose test. I would wait until your next OB appt and talk to your dr. about it more in depth. If your at all questioning it after you discuss it with him, ask to get the 3 hour test. OR ask if you can wait a few more weeks and re-take the one hour test to see what your numbers are. :)



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