Amnio I M 38 Do I Need One

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chandellina - February 12

Hi ladies, i am 15 weeks 2 days pregnant with what will hopefully be my first child at the age of 38. i had two miscarriages two years ago around 8 weeks. My dilemma is whether i should be having an amnio. I am an American living in the UK and they don't offer it here as a matter of course, only if there is an indication of something wrong on the 12 week nuchal scan (measures the fluid behind the neck) or blood tests. My risk of Down's was adjusted to 1 in 8,000 after those tests though based solely on my age it is 1 in 127. The scan/blood test is meant to pick up 85% of Downs cases. Should i be having the amnio anyway? it seems everyone has one in the US over the age of 35 - is that true? i just don't want to underestimate the risks. i'm not proud to say it but we would probably terminate if there was a real problem. advice welcomed!


cors1wfe - February 12

here is my humble opinion - American doctors like to freak us out and I say unless it will make you feel relaxed and at ease don't do it- why? The only test I did while pregnant (this is my third) is the glucose test - I skipped all the blood tests - etc because my hubby and I decided that no matter what we will continue with the pregnancy so why stress out?


jennifer_33106 - February 12

I think that is personally up to you. The risk with the amnio is that it could possibly cause you to m/c. As far as everyone having one in the us goes, you only have one after the blood test comes back high risk and after the u/s. Also it is up to the mother. I think you just need to ask yourself, if it comes back positive for downs, would I abort? If the answer is no way, then maybe you would be better off not risking it. If you would then again it is personally up to you. Also keep in mind that with those blood tests, there are so many factors that can play into it coming back pos. I wish I could be more help but it really is a decision that you and your partner need to make. Do some research and ask your doctor about all the complications and risks. GL!! I hope everything turns out well for you and congrats on the pregnancy. :)


jennifer_33106 - February 12

And also I wanna say that just in case someone starts throwing stones at you and telling you that you are horrible for thinking abortion, just shake it off. To be honest, if mine had come back def pos for downs or spina bifida there is a good possibilty I would be thinking exactly what you are. I hope this doesnt go in the direction on bible verses and such. Just giving you a heads up. Dont feel bad.


cors1wfe - February 12

I absolutely agree with Jennifer I was just saying that after much discussion my dh and I decided we would continue - but that is just us - I would never judge anyone for their choices - you can't judge anyone until you have walked a mile in their we say that but if it happened to us who knows what we would really's a personal choice.....ignore people who are ignorant - this is a place of comfort and advice Good Luck


stefkay - February 12

another though on this that few people mention is that more often than not if the baby has any number of these chromosomal defects (including downs) they don't survive either the pregnancy or long after birth. I honestly did not want to be shocked in that manner. An acquaintance of mine had a "normal" pregnancy recently and then gave birth to a still born son only to find out it was a chromosomal problem that could have been detected had she had the testing. She went through the whole pregnancy clueless....very scary and sad :(


newlywed0915 - February 13

I'm a full believer that if your baby isn't meant to be, or never was...than nature takes its course. I'll stop there before I go on any pointless anti-abortion comments. ;-) That being said, congrats on your pregnancy! Its a true blessing! The thing is, these tests are SO inaccurate. My doc told me that even if you ARE at risk for having a child with downs, the tests have proved wrong in so many cases. Its not an accurate test by any means...its like, hit and miss. So why worry yourself with something that could be wrong? An ultrasound can pretty much see everything thats going on with the baby and if he or she is developing as he/she should.


LeslieM - February 13

hi chandellina ....honestly? your risk factor is soooooooooo slight. i am having the nuchal scan and blood test today myself, and if my numbers come back even a quarter of yours i would pa__s on the amnio. i am 38 too. my dr. told me that in the 8 years that she has been in practice she has seen 2 downs babies, and the both of the mothers were 16!!!! yes the risk may be a bit higher for our age bracket, but the reality is that the precentages are still so very small. remember to do what YOU are comfortable with. congratulations chandellina !!!!!


chandellina - February 14

ladies, i really appreciate all of your answers. stefkay, i agree it would be terrible to get such a shock at the end. My aunt found out at 7 months that she would have to be induced to deliver her baby that would die (and did) because it had major defects. i guess that is my worst fear, that we will get a nasty shock. you never know exactly how you will respond to a challenge like a handicapped child and i certainly hope we would rise to it, but given the choice i would avoid it. yet i suspect i will end up not having the amnio because i want to trust that the results i've gotten so far are correct. i'm still undecided to be honest! Leslie - good luck with your tests!



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