Amnio Experience PLEASE

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Martha31 - September 2

I am scheduled for an amnio for Sept 15th...I will be 15w6d. I am a bit scared but confidednt that everything is fine. Please let me know about your experience, and how far along were you...and your result of course... big hugs and thank you sooo much for sharing! Marta


clindholm - September 2

I have never had one but just wanted to ask why you are having the amnio done? Did something questionable come up on an ultrasound or bloodwork?


Martha31 - September 2

Hi there, My NT scan was great = 1.3-1.5. I had a second tri loss last year and that with a little elevated blood work has increased my odds to 1:238 for ds...I know it is still ok but I will feel rea__sured knowing that all is just perfect.


J.J. - September 4

Hi Martha, i had 2 amnios...just to set my mind at ease and b/c of age (was 34 and 36, which is considered old and high risk :). Anyway, of course, I was very nervous but it WASNT a big deal. First time, I got stuck twice b/c the baby moved toward the needle but the actual process takes 30 seconds and you are done. I had a little cramping afterward. Expect to be VERY tired the rest of that day....not sure if it's b/c of stress or something metabolic but both times, i took a huge nap after amnio, and a friend said she felt the same, too. If i ever got pregnant again, i'd definitely have another. There's enough stuff to worry about that cannot be detected thru testing...i just wanted to take a few concerns out of the equation. good luck...i'm sure you'll be fine. (ps...using ultrasound, they will take the needle out if the baby moves toward it, but really, it won't harm him/ the old days b/f ultrasound, they just poked it in where-ever.)


J.J. - September 4

oh, and i was 15 or 16 weeks at the time.


babyboy46 - September 5

Hi Marta- I had an amnio because of age- I am 36. I too was very nervous before and didn't even want to go through with it- well- it was fine! Really no big deal. It is so fast- 30 seconds and it didn't hurt at all. the needle is so thin you don't feel it. You may feel a little cramoing but no pain. I was Ok after, not even that tired. later that night I got a bit crampy but nothing terrible. You do need to relax after and take it easy . They even tell you to have a gla__s of red wine after! Apparently it helps with the cramping and any blood clotting you may experience. Good luck and really- there is nothing to worry about about!!!!


staci - September 7

Hi Marta! I don't know if you remember me or not, but I do you! I wanted to tell you congrats and praying you have a healthy pregnancy!


Martha31 - September 8

Thanks for sharing girls:) I really appreciate your comments...please say alittle prayer for my lo...I am not so much aftraind of hte procedure...I just need this bubsie to be halthy. Thank you agian for all your suuport! Staci, of course I remember you:) How are ou doing? what's new with you? hugs to all! Marta


staci - September 8

Hi Marta! I'm doing good! My little girl is almost 10months old now. I still like to lurk a little and check on everyone! When is the big u/s? Or can you find out if your having a girl or boy from the amnio? OR are you going to find out? I will def. be saying some prayers! Take care!


MrsT - September 9

Hi Martha. I had an amnio a month ago because I am 42 and pregnant with my first baby. My Nuchal scan and blood work moved me from 1:43 to 1:852 for Downs etc but we wanted to be absolutely sure. We were going to proceed with the pregnancy no matter what the result was but wanted to be prepared in advance just in case. I am verging on phobic re needles so was extremely anxious. I can now honestly say that I was worked up over nothing! I had an anaesthetic which just felt like someone pressing a pen tip against my stomach. After a few minutes, the consultant then carried out the amnio. All I felt was a quick popping sensation like an internal bee sting but that was it. My consultant was very rea__suring and kept me informed throughout the procedure ( I kept my hand over my eyes the whole time!) as well as monitoring the baby throughout. My husband was stroking my other hand which helped to distract me so having someone with you should help. All in all, I wouldn't hesitate in having another one done and that's saying something! I was advised to rest for 2 days and apart from feeling a little crampy for half an hour on day 2, there were no problems. We paid extra to get the results back inside 2 days rather than wait the usual 17 days. Thankfully, everything came back clear and we also found out we were having a girl so we're thrilled. As a footnote, I had my big hospital scan yesterday and the sonographer noticed some bilateral cysts in the brain. She said that although this was not unusual, if I hadn't already had the amnio, she would have referred me back to my consultant with a recommendation that I have one immediately. Hope this rea__sures you and you have a happy and healthy pregnancy. Best wishes.


Martha31 - September 9

Staci, I am very happy for you:) and so happy you have a healthy and beautiful baby girl...and she is already so big!!! time flies! All your prayers will definitely be appreciaed. Thanks again. MrsT, thank you so much for sharing your expeirence. This is wondrful and so rea__suring, especially that now you know for sure and a little cycst means nothing and should not worry you any more. I am super happy for you. I hope that the outcome of my amnio is excellent and I pray for a very healthy baby. Big hugs and God bless! Marta


Martha31 - September 18

Just an update! The amnio went super well...I did ave minor crampings on and off for almost a day after... WE ARE HAVING A SUPER HEALTHY BABY GIRL!!! thank you for all your prayers and support:) hugs! Marta


MrsT - September 19

Hi Marta I'm so glad everything went well and you can now relax and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. Congratulations on having a daughter - the weeks will pa__s so quickly and you'll get to meet her in no time! I'll be meeting mine first and hopefully, like the amnio, the birth will prove to be easy (!) on the day! Best wishes


newbaby2009 - September 25

Just curious why anyone would take the risk of an amnio if you plan on keeping the baby reguardless. And when you've had previous losses. What if you had a perfectly healthy baby but the amnio caused a miscarriage? Or unrecognised intrauterine death? Premature birth? 3rd trimester stillborn? All of which amino has shown to cause??


MrsT - September 26

Hi Newbaby. I'm a natural worrier over stupid stuff never mind something as huge as having my first baby at 42 yrs old. Family members on both sides were talking statistics and my consultant strongly advised having the procedure done for peace of mind. It was ultimately our decision but my Husband and I thought long and hard about this before proceeding. One of the deciding factors was the confidence we had in our consultant who is one of the best in the country. Rightly or wrongly, we felt that his experience practically negated any risk. The second factor was more personal as we were both holding back emotionally from bonding in case there was something wrong. We therefore decided it would be less stressful for us and the baby, to undergo the procedure now and find out for sure, rather than worry and fret for 5 months over the 'what ifs'...Everyone I'm sure will have their own opinion, but for us, this was the right decision. If the test had come back positive for any condition, we would have had the time to mentally prepare not only ourselves but also family and friends. In this way, our baby would be born into an already loving, accepting and supportive environment. Thankfully the tests came back negative and so far, the baby seems to be thriving if the frequent kicks are anything to go by! If anything were to happen between now and the birth which could be attributed to having had the anmio, then I'm sure my story would be very different. All I can do is explain how we were feeling for the first 16 weeks and how we feel now. Hopefully, I will continue to have an uncomplicated pregnancy with the ultimate bonus of a healthy baby at the end.


staci - September 28

Yayyyy Marta!!! Soooo happy for you! And a girl!! Wonderful news!! Congratulations!!!



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