Amount Of Water For 20 Week Ultrasound

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Micky - June 7

How much water did you ladies have to drink for your 20 week scan ?


mindymay - June 7

none, at the 20 weeks the baby is large enough so you dont have to drink a quart.


amyn - June 7

ditto, I even asked the tech and she said the same thing as mindymay


emilymalm - June 7

I had to drink 32oz an hour before my ultrasound. When I had my ultrasound, the first thing she looked at was the placenta and before my bladder filled up, it was looking like it was too low, but after my bladder filled up, she was able to get a better look at it and it was fine so I was glad I had drank that much.


Micky - June 7

Ok..thanks...the instructions say 16 oz but I thought it was 24 oz......


AmyF - June 7

I didn't have to drink anything? Maybe it's because I drink a ton of water anyway. Hm.....


Micky - June 7

I heard the bladder should be full for them to see everything properly...It will be an abdominal ultrasound...The instructions also tell that if the bladder is not full, they would have to reschedule..


Taffy - June 7

You don't have to have a full bladder at 20 weeks as there's enough amniotic fluid. However, if your placenta is in a awkward place a full bladder can help. If you drink before going and you don't need to you can always go to the loo whereas if your bladder is empty there'd not much you can do. I hope you have a good time. I thought it was amazing!


Newhoneybuns - June 7

They told me to drink about 32 oz 2 hours before scan but did it 1 hour before since i knew i wouldnt be able to hold it that long but then when the doctor was doing the scan she told me to go empty in the bathroom cause she couldnt see well and baby wasnt moving much. So i went to bathroom .. what a relief !!! lol and then she saw perfectly and baby was moving and we were also able to see it was a girl :) So i would say dont drink too much :)


HannahBaby - June 7

at the 20 week i had to drink 20 ounces of water before the scan, the after they do the cervix and babies head they let me pee.



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