An Embarresing Question

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Sharla - March 30

I am getting a really bad smell down there and i can sometimes smell it when just sitting down. Is there something wrong ?


.... - March 30

I have noticed the same thing. I have heard it is normal for the v____a to have a stronger odor during pregnancy. Also, your sense or smell is more acute. It might be worthwhile mentioning to your doctor at your next visit though, just to rule anything else out.


Pamela - March 30

I to am experiencing the same thing, I was sitting at dinner the other night and thought, that couldn't be me?


Phoebe - March 30

Ewwwww... just kidding... same here... but the books say as long as you don't have any colored discharge... all is well... just wash up often throughout the day... Since I have to go the the bathroom to pee every single minute... I just use ob towellets and those pantie sprays... I don't think we can use those... so I just zap my leg.


Pamela - March 30

Phoebe, I am 19 weeks and do not have to pee every second, is that a bad thing? I hardly have to pee at all actually.


Sherry - March 30

Sharla you are going through what I am you probaly just have a yeast infection because it just flat out stink I hate it and my doc is just now letting me treat it this week well today I go get my difucan, because I have the yeast infection terrible get checked for that, but this is the thing with me much yeast never come out but he said I had this and found out when I first found out I was preganant which was @ 4 weeks.


jenn - March 30

You may have a bacterial infection. The treatment is different from yeast and the smell of the infection is stronger. I would check with your OB.


Sharla - March 31

Thanks for replying :) will get it checked out


erobinson - April 2

an a__sociate of mines boyfriend gave her trich. while she was pregnant and the main symptom of that is a odor. go get checked sweety.. or maybe its just increased discharge smell



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