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rjrmi - March 1

Boy! We just found out this morning! I am so excited! I don't know how but I knew I was having a boy scince week 8, I just "knew" somehow!


Crystal Star - March 1

COngratulations! I am having a boy too!


Martha2007 - March 1

congrats. great news. Is this first? how did appt go? How many weeks are you now? Thanks


MNMOM - March 1

congrats! I am having a boy also - my second!


moescrilla - March 1

boys are great. I have a boy, and am pregnant (dont know the s_x yet) but I love my little boy and wouldnt trade him for anything.


kimberly - March 1

Congratulations! I have 2 boys, it is wonderful!


lawlady72 - March 1

Yay, congrats to you!!!!!


DownbutnotOUT - March 1

nice congrads, the boys are finally being discovered lol.


suze42 - March 1

congrats!! My boy is my little buddy---he's the BEST!!


rjrmi - March 1

It is my first baby and I am 19 weeks exactly today. I grew up with 3 sisters and have no idea what to expect with a boy so it's great to hear how happy all of you are! The thing that has been bothering me today is how will I teach it to go to the bathroom?!! My husband works all day so I will be the main one potty training! I don't know how boys pee!! I am guessing it's just point and shoot but I don't know how to tell him to hold it so that he'll look normal at the urinals!! (Probably too soon to be worrying about that, right?!!)


bl - March 1

rjrmi, too funny!! I have a 3yr old son and another little boy on the way. I have three younger sisters and thought the same thing as you, what do I do with a boy! They usually start on the potty sitting down anyway. The rest will come naturally. I don't think there's a wrong way to hold it lol.. Atleast I hope not! My son is wonderful, you will love it. Now I can't imagine not having a boy!


jodie - March 1

Congrats!! Boys are tons of fun!!


suze42 - March 1

rjrmi, too funny about potty training. My ds learned by sitting down also..when he got good at that, I had my DH show him the big boy way of standing up. I tried to demonstrate it once..but didnt quite work. Youre gonna love it (him) and all the funny things that go w/it!


MNMOM - March 2

My son will be 4 in June...he still sits to pee....he is not tall enough to stand and have his p___s reach over the edge of the bowl! Don't worry so much, it will all come together!


BiancaM - March 2

Congrats rjrmi. I'm having a boy too, my first! I'm 16 weeks today :) and so excited.


rjrmi - March 4

To anyone else that may have wondered how to potty train a boy.....I still don't know how to but I went to a baby expo today and I found these cute little things called the Party Potty. They are little targets that the boy can color on and then you put in in a clip in the toilette. When your boy hits the target the water will turn colors! Looks like fun!



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