Anger And 2nd Pregnancy

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chrissy - November 20

Hi...this is my second pregnancy. i have a wonderful almost 3 year old. but i just dont feel as elated as i was with my first. i feel like my life is going to start to fall apart. does anyone else feel this way? i sure hope this isnt a sign that i'll have ppd. thanks


to Chrissy - November 20

Just like each preg is different, you're probably having different feelings in this one than last. I bet it's perfectly normal.


Jen - November 20

Hi chrissy, I feel the same way. With my son, who is 16 months, I was excited and just couldn't wait to start shopping for clothes and things, read everything about pregnancy, etc. With this pregnancy I am just blah. I wonder if it because I know what to expect this time, sometimes I feel like I have lost a part of myself along the way, too. I worry more about getting fat with this one because I gained too much last time, and I get scared thinking about having 2 in the house. And, I am a student, and a stay at home mom and sometimes that drives me crazy being home, but I just try to tell myself that I will have my degree and start working soon. Sometimes I completely forget that I am pregnant, its like, oh yeah I am. And this was planned, I just wish I could have the same feelings that I had with the first.


chrissy - November 20

hi jen...i have talked to some friends about this and they said they felt that they cant believe what they have just done (pregnancy) and they ended up with ppd. i also forget im preg. as well and i finally concieved after months. thanks for sharing it makes me feel better that im not the only wishes.


Terra - November 21

I was extatic with my first.. but I still got PPD in the hospital and a couple wks later... I'm preg. with my second, and I am really happy, but I think because it's been done before, and nothing is as New this time around, your just more relaxed, and your busier as well, because you have a little one at home, so you have less time to lay around and feel the baby move etc... I find myself SO busy... I have a 5year old so I have to take her to school and back etc.. and plus I'm babysitting a few kids right now so my life is just hectic for now.. But I'm still really happy and looking fwd to meeting this one, even if I lose all my SLEEP. I hope my ppd wont be as bad this time around, I Think I'll be fine.. I will just get a little cranky with no sleep.


Terra - November 21

Chrissy and Jen: how far along are you both, I"m almost 22wk


chrissy - November 21

I am almost through my 24th week.


chrissy - November 22

im not to sure if i had a real emotional day when i posted or if all the posts are really helping me out, but i feel so much better lately. does anyone else go through these mood swings? thank you


Terra - November 22

I haven't really been having "mood swings" as in getting angry quick but i have been really emotional.. Over silly stuff, like teary eyed over something that is on tv, that isn't even Happy or Sad... And every time I get too bloated lets say, this may sound funny.. I get all worried because when I get that Hard around the tummy, I don't feel as much movement.. Then I get worried.. So been up and down with worry and excitement.. But not too snappy, although some family members will say I have my moments


mel - November 22

moodswings? that's what they should call pregnancy as far as I'm concerned. Guess what everybody! there were 2 lines....I'M MOODSWINGS!



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