Antenatal Depression And High Blood Pressure

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sophandbob - June 1

Have been in a major panic today because baby has barely moved for 24 hrs and also developed headache and dizziness. I went to the midwife who listened to baby and got a strong heartbeat. My BP is slightly high (140/80), but I just collapsed in tears. I'm finding all the worries and stresses over pregnancy really hard to deal with. The midwife thinks I might be developing antenatal depression, although I do love being pregnant. I am just so anxious ALL of the time that something will happen and I'll lose the baby (I'm 25 weeks). I'm seeing a dr tomorrow so I can be assessed. Does anyone else experience this? Does anyone have advice on how to lower my blood pressure, other than to say 'not to worry' as I have no idea how to do that!!


Micky - June 1

Cut down on salt to lower your blood pressure..Take care..everything will be fine..


sophandbob - June 1

Thanx. I never add salt to my food, either in cooking or on the plate, but will make sure to double check levels in the food I cook.


Micky - June 1

Soups, chicken broth, soy sauce etc have a lot of salt...These things I would watch for...Infact, subway sandwiches have a lot of salt which surprised me......There are a lot of things out there which have a lot of salt but you don't feel it till you actually look at the details....I was myself surprised....


BriannasMummy - June 1

I also have high blood pressure, its a cronic thing for me. Whenever I walk into my doctors office and have to deal with it, my blood pressure is fine. When i go home and take the measurement on my own at home machine... my bp measurements are soo low and normal, you would never guess that I have hbp. Anyway, what I find that works is breathing. Just take a couple minutes sit on your comfy couch or in a comfy location and breath nice and slow and deep. Also if you could find a hobby that might take your mind off of being sooo anxious that might help. Something relaxing that you like to do, might take your mind off of being worried for a while. Those are the things that work best for me. Try to relax.. remember stressing out makes things worse for your bp. Keep your chin up!! Good luck!


Carla - June 2

Hi, I am 27 weeks and i have high bp too, They are watching me closely i go in every 2 weeks, It seems that it is just high when im at the dr due to my nerves but i did cut out all fast food and canned food and already prepared food as thos things are loaded with salt and my bp did go down at my last visit, I would just try to cut food high in sodium out of your diet and relax!! its the best thing for you


Angiconda - June 2

Honestly I would not worry ti terribley much about your blood pressure unless it has been high before and then the doctor will monitor it. It could have just been high becasue you were stressed out. I have went throught times where I am panicing and I get into the doctor and mine is a bit high as well but at my regular appointments my blood pressure is fine. I have also read that it is not good to cut out salt while being pregnant. Good Luck I am sure if there is anything to woory about your doctor will monitor it.


preggosauce - June 2

My dr's are monitoring me for high blood pressure too. It seems to jump around. Mostly I think its cause I'm nervous at the D'rs...I have also been trying to cut salts out of my diet...Its sooo hard though! EVERYTHING has salt in it! I eat subway all the time and had NO IDEA they were loaded with salt! Gosh thats frustrating....


sophandbob - June 2

I went back to the dr's today at the midwife's suggestion, and I have been referred for councilling, as it all relates back to being told I'd lost the baby so early on that I can't relax. I vented loads of emotions, and realised how angry I was with what had happened (from my notes it transpired that the consultant who had examined me on the friday night and had told me I had lost the baby, hadn't done half the tests she should've done before making the diagnosis that she did, as I had to break the news to my parents that I had lost their first grandchild before I had even told them i was pregnant in the first place - ironically we had organised a huge family dinner for the following weekend to break the news to everyone in one go) I couldn't believe though that the doctor suggested she prescribed antidepressants. Oh and my BP is back to normal now - thank goodness, apparently is wasn't too high anyway.


Susan W - June 2

Well, with that sort of history, I could see how you could be feeling depressed and stressed out. I would say definitely get the depression sorted out now, however you have to (counseling, meds, or both). I was depressed and hid it through my entire first pregnancy, and I developed severe, lifethreatening postpartum depression. The only thing that saved me was knowing I needed to nurse my baby and then someone realized I needed help too. Women who are depressed during pregnancy are at higher risk for PPD, and I wish someone had told me that. But it sounds like you are having your needs addressed. Hang in there. It will get better.


bex - June 4

Hi I have a real phobia of medial examinations and particulary having my bp checked - they did it with electronic machine and it was high -I was soooo scared - that is the reason. In the end my midwife took it manually and said it was fine but it took ages - I am terrified of next appointment as it will probably happen all over again and I am worried they will think something is generally wrong instead of me just being scared - any ideas how I can overcome this??


HannahBaby - June 4

You have to just think positive and realizse and accept that you are powerless in this situation. I was renting a doppler that was about 50 bucks a month. Even thought it rea__sured me, what would i do if something happened and i didnt find the heart beat and something happened to the baby.....I wouldent do anything because there is nothing that you can do. While it is legimitate to worry, it is pointless as well, its like being scared that a tornado is going to come and b__w down your house, the risk is real, but there is nothing that you can do about it. Thats my att_tude towards being scared during pregnancy. I have accepted that this babys life is in gods hands right now, not mine. I have had my moments of worrying, but mostly i dont worry. It sounds like this is really stopping you from enjoying your pregnancy which is sad because pregnancy is only 9 short months. I would definatly get your problem addressed because trust me , it doesnt get any easier when the baby is born, you just have a whole different batch of worries to obsess about. Also, a good way to look at it is if you baby had to be born next week, its chances of survival are better than this week, and get better every week ahead. Good luck


venus_in_scorpio - June 5

aw sophandbob im so sorry to hear that. I switched doctors because after my first appointment i literally dreaded going because first they told me my baby has downs syndrome (then 2 weeks later the high risk doctor said it most likely does NOT) then they told me I have blood clots on the placenta and only 2/3 carry to term, which turned out not to be true either... that was so awful of them to tell you that you lost the baby wthout properly testing. Try to think positive and do what you can for your self. Ifind a hot cup of chamomile tea soothes my anxiety... I was diagnosed with panic disorder when I was 16 but I had to stop tkaking my meds when i got pg. talking to a therapist will help too sometimes it really helps to have an unbiased ear to listen and an unbiased voice to soothe you. Best of luck... sounds to me like your high BP may be partially from stress. Try to relax and maybe try the tea if youre comfortable with chamomile...



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