Anterior Placenta And Baby Movement

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Ally Beans - November 13

im 19 weeks and i swear ive been feeling movement a few times a day for at least 2 or 3 weeks now and getting stronger within the past week (flutters and pops right below my belly button). i was told today during an ultrasound that i have an anterior placenta so im kind of confused. everything ive read says that makes it harder to feel movement and you may not feel it til 20+ weeks. has anyone else had an anterior placenta and still felt movement regularly in the "normal" time frame you should start feeling it? i dont want to think that ive been imagining this the whole time.


E586467 - November 13

I would say you have been feeling your little one move, congrats. With my 1st (posterior placenta) I felt flutters quite early, around 14wks. With my 2nd a I was worried because I didn't feel flutters til 16wks, & after asking my doctor if this was ok was told it was because I had an anterior placenta. I also noticed it took longer to feel the bigger movements, but trust me later in your pregnancy it won't make a difference, you will feel just as much. The only thing you should be aware of with an anterior placenta, is that the baby might be harder to get in the optimum position for birth (anterior, their spine against your tummy) as they like to face the placenta. Don't worry just do LOTS of forward leaning in the last couple of months & you should be fine. It is common for 1st time mums not to feel flutters until around 20+ wks, & while placental position does play a part, it also greatly depends on how much extra weight she is carrying, because this will cushion the movements considerably. Generally the slimmer you are the earlier you will feel the baby, even with an anterior placenta.


Greebo - May 4

This is just for anyone reading who was researching anterior placentas etc like I was when I first found out and was worried about not feeling movement. I'm 19weeks with my first, anterior placenta, slim/normal build and I started feeling what I thought were flutters at 16weeks, only to dismiss it as a mistake when told by u/s operator that my placenta position meant I wouldnt feel baby til much later. I thought I felt some kicking at the start of 18weeks but again dismissed it as it didnt noticeably repeat. Then at 18weeks 6days I felt very undeniable kicks start that I could feel from the outside that have been off and on since then, with more consistent tapping/fluttering in between, tho there are periods where it either stops, becomes less noticeable due to strength/location of movement, or I am so active I am not in a position to notice it. However if I lay on my back/or sit in a reclining position and wait with my hands on my lower abdomen I can usually feel her kicking. I feel it more predominantly on one side, so that may be due to there being less concentration of placenta on that side, tho I have felt the movements all over at one stage or another. I think if anyone reading this article is disappointed at having an anterior placenta, dont despair, trust your own feelings and take the time to sit and close your eyes and concentrate on what you feel, you may not feel it for a while (there may be other factors that delay it) but if you think you feel something, however slight, allow yourself to believe what you are feeling. And dont let it stop you from talking to belly if you havent felt it - your little one can still hear you at this stage!



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