Antidepressants And Pregnancy

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GB - December 20

Does anyone out there take Wellbutrin. I am 20 weeks pregnant and have alot going on so my doctor prescibed me Wellbutrin. Does anyone know the pros and cons? My doctor is very pro antidepressants but I am just not sure. Any suggestions would be great. Thank you.


Rachel.R - December 20

Hey GB, Im 36 weeks pregnant, and was on antidepressents before i found out I was pregnant. At my first doctors appointment, they advised to to go off them ASAP. And to see how I handle things. Since then I have been a TONNE happier. To be totally honest, I dont think antidepressents actually do anything, except make you more paranoid. Maybe it is best for you to consult another doctor just for his opinion on things. Just because your normal GP is generally against the use of antidepressants, doesnt mean that they will be ok for you. From my understanding, it can take quite a while for you to get the correct dosage and the right antidepressant, some make you worse.. I had to try many. Also, maybe you can do some research on the net. Find out everything about antidepressents and pregnancy, and then if your still confused, speak with another doctor. I hope I helped.


GB - December 20

Thanks for the advice. I kind of feel the same way. I have tried them before and never really felt like they did anything. He is just afraid my stress level. I will probably consult another doctor before taking them. Thanks.


j - December 22

Really try to work thru it before you take them. I was on them prior to getting pregnant and went off . I am so thankful I did. Now, I dont see why I really needed them in the first place. The side effects suck anyway!


tjm - December 30

hey i was browsing and saw your question... just to let you know, I was taking prozac and wellbutrin before i got pregnant and my doctor advised to stop the prozac and the wellbutrin is okay to continue. He also advised that it is more harmful to not take the antidepressants than to take them if you are really depressed as you can have a child that has more of a stressful reaction to stress and pressure. Im not sure how many doctors would prescribe or have but I know that I am a completely different person when I take the Wellbutrin. The only side effect I experience is sometimes if you get up too fast you can feel dizzy (even before pregnancy this was a side effect) Wellbutrin for me is a great physical depression help and really helps me through the day and it is also considered the safest to take while pregnant. If you are really stressin you may want to consider taking it. Did you get a different doctors opinion as I would like to know more info about this too? Thanks


Hannah - December 30

GB, if your doc and others have perscribed Wellburtin during pregnancy, it probably showed no risk in studies. it is always better not to take meds at this time BUT you definately should continue if you need them. If the meds work for you you should take them. Be well


Another GB - January 2

Hey GB, I am also a GB. Weird also... My doctor was also worried about me and all that we have going on in my life and suggested antidepressents... Someone posted a link to a website called It is an awesome website that goes through all of the diffferent drugs and their potential effect on the baby. Here is hoping that 2006 is a better year (with much less stress and grief) for all of us!!!


Kiddolebel - January 2

I was on zoloft with my last pregnancy, had a perfect boy. This pregnancy im on wellbutrin xl and my pregnancy is going fine. Dr said its perfectly safe to be on it. The reason why the drs usually tell you to stop any medication when you find out your pregnant is because why be on something while pregnant if you dont have to. So they just want you to try and see how you do with out them. My dr told me to stop all of mine (i was on meds for blood pressure too) and Im still of the blood pressure one for now but Im back on wellbutrin. Good luck with the pregnancy.


Julie - January 3

GB, I don't have any personal experience. However, I am friends with a Psychiatrist, a well respected one. Actually I am better friends with his wife. She has trouble with anxiety and depression etc. He had her on Wellbutrin when she was pregnant with her 2nd child. So, I guess if a Psychiatrist will give it to his own wife, it must be ok...... Good luck!!


GB - January 3

Thanks again for all the advice.


PharmaSalesGuy - January 10

I'm in pharmaceutical sales and have learned quite a bit about how drugs are metabolized and how long some may remain in our systems. Medications which are lipophilic may bind to fat cells in the body and certain tests may not show that they're even there. My opinion is avoid all unnecessary drugs unless REALLY needed, why take the chance?



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