Anxiety Meds During Pregnancy

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amy - October 17

IM 13WKS PREG.and have been taking 75mg of Effexor XR for 1 dr.says its safe,but im trying to wean off.IM now taking 37 mg.Has anyone takens meds like this during pregnancy ??


nic nac - October 17

I was taking xanax off and on before i found out i was pregnant. I stopped immediately when i found out i was pregnant. I was and still am scared because i didn't find out i was preggo until 12 weeks!!! During that time i took xanax sparingly but i was also on dynacin which is an antibiotic. There are only two types of antibiotics that are safe to take while preggo so i pray everything is ok. I never kept up with the meds so hopefully everything is ok.


Joy - October 17

I am on Lexapro, which is similar to Effexor. My doc said it was perfectly safe, but I understand your concern. I am a little worried, but my doctor had a point: I could do more harm to my baby off of the meds, if I am extreamly stressed and have raised blood pressure. Stress shrinks your veins and hinders blood flow, which could also be bad for the baby. There are no conclusive studies that show that anxiety meds are bad for baby, but there are no doctors willing to publish anything saying they are okay since they seem to get sued at the drop of a hat these days, just in case something does happen some day. I researched this issue for a long time before I got pregnant, and spoke with 4 seperate doctors on the subject and they all agreed it was safe. The only side effect is that your baby may be a bit mellow when it is born, but that lasts only a day or so. And a mellow baby isn't all that bad, from what I hear! So listen to your doc - he wouldn't put you in danger. Good luck!


Brandi - October 18

Im on Zoloft and Klonopin. My dr. says its safe because Im on suck a low dose. Im on .25 klonopin (morning and night) and .75 zoloft. Dont worry. Im 34 weeks and my baby is fine.



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