Any April Moms 2 Be Here Yet

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mama keya - October 7

Hey I started on the 1st Tri Board, and I just wanted to know are some of the April moms here yet! I'm due 4/7/08. Congrats to everyone who has made it this far keep up the good work. Keya


jazminesmom - October 7

i am due april 2nd. i am here!!


mama keya - October 7

Hey Jazminesmom how do you feel in your 2nd tri. I'm so excited, we're moving along just smoothly. Can't wait for the first kick, and my 20 wk U/S. Congrats to you again.


pomny143 - October 7

Hello April moms! I'm due April 12th. Currently in my 13th week and starting to feel better as far as morning sickness goes, yet still very tired. Hope both of you are doing well also. KIT and Congrats!


mama keya - October 7

Hey pomny glad you feeling better, and congrats to you. I'm still fighting with exhaustion too. Isn't that supose to fade away this tri also.


jg - October 7

Hi. I'm Julia - due 5th April, so that makes me 14 weeks 2 days. YAHOO thought second trimester would never come! It seems so much longer now until we reach the third trimester. All in good time, no doubt LOL.


jazminesmom - October 8

i feel fine, every once in a awhile i have headaches and don't want to eat, but i am getting over it. i wish i would show more, cause i am a little over weight and this is my 2nd baby, i had leftovers from my daughter.


first_timr - October 8

i am due april 2nd, still waiting to show!


Rainbowbrite - October 8

HI Ladies! I am a March mommy but i still wanted to come on here and welcome you and congratulate you all!!!! it is very exciting.


pomny143 - October 8

Thanks Rainbowbrite. That was so nice of you!What date are you due? Did you find out what you are having?


pomny143 - October 8

First_timr....dont rush showing! Trust me! LOL! This is my second and I look like a house already. They say that you always show a lot sooner with your second because your abdomen has been stretched already. It's almost like your stomach remembers that it has done this before and says, "Oh God! Not this again!" LOL Be patient, it will happen before you know it. Keep me posted.


joy28 - October 9

Hi, I'm actually due March 30th, but that's close enough, right? It's my first baby. My tummy has started to get bigger, but unfortunately it's not all baby yet! I feel like all the extra padding I had has just migrated to my belly. At least some of my maternity shirts make me look cuter, not just bigger!


Rainbowbrite - October 9

HELLO! I am a March mommy! due March 21! I am finding out what i am having on October 25th! Everyone but three people are saying it is a girl. Well my boyfriend already has two great little boys so i am hoping to give him a little girl... BUT!!!! I would sooooooooooo be thrilled with a little boy!!!! I actually have more dreams it is a boy... I've recently started to feel the baby move.. i'm 17 weeks this week and it is wonderful although when the baby isn't moving as much i do worry is something wrong but i guess now that we're all going to be moms... no matter how far along we are we're always going to worry about something!!!


mama keya - October 9

OMG I cannot wait to feel my baby move!!!!!!


Juliebell - October 9

Hi Girls!! I am technically due april 18th, but will definatly not make it that long, because I am having twins! Anyway I am starting to show, and still get morning sickness quite often, but nothing that isn't worth it!! I am also having a hard time sleeping because my brain is working overtime!! I hope all is well!! Take care!


jojomac - October 10

I was on the 1st tri board. Been off for awhile. Now that I'm feeling better I've been catching up on things. 2nd tri is so much better. I'm due April 4th. Get to find out what it is on Oct 30th. I can't wait.


Crazy - October 10

I am due in April too. Excited to be here in the second Trimester board. Congrats to everyone here... I am due april 22nd...



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