Any April Moms 2 Be Here Yet

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Crazy - October 10

I am due in April too. Excited to be here in the second Trimester board. Congrats to everyone here... I am due april 22nd...


jazminesmom - October 11

hello everyone, i am 15 weeks as of yesterday, not feeling and movement yet, but i thought once i did and it could have still been the baby. well i have a dr. appointment next tuesday and hopefully he will schedule an u/s so i can finlly find out what we are haveing. how are you ladies feeling?


mama keya - October 11

Hey Ladies and Welcome new ladies, just a short update: I'm feeling fine and everything still seems to be going great with my pregnancy. Still no feelings of movements but I know it is soon to come. I think I'm showing I keep telling myself its just the fat that was there before my pregnancy but my DH and sister keep telling me I'm actually showing. Well that's it for me at this moment till next time take care of those babies ;>). Keya


BrendensMommy - October 11

Hello!! I am due April 13th. I am so glad that my m/s has started to ease up. I haven't really started to show yet *yay*, but my pants are definitely getting a little bit snug. I didn't show with my son until probably about 5 months, maybe I'll be so lucky again.... We'll see!


Stephanie_31 - October 11

I'm here. April 4th for me.


cynthia502 - October 11

Hello ladies - I am due April 17th. I am going for my 1st u/s tomorrow. I heard the heartbeat the first time 2 weeks ago. Anxious to see how my little bean is growing!!! This is my 4th pregnancy.


mama keya - October 11

Hey Cynthia glad to see you over here


Stephanie_31 - October 11

Rainbow - How exciting about feeling the baby move. I felt something this afternoon that I am convinced was the baby. I have been feeling things but this was so "real". I am 15 weeks. It was like 3 taps in a row from the inside. It was in the same spot each time, really low, in the center and just above my pubic bone. This is my second but my first is 11 so it is like having my first all over again.


pomny143 - October 11

Hi all of you April moms. Just wanted to let you know that I am going for my 2nd doctors appointment tomorrow morning. I am so excited! I don't know if I will get another u/s, but I am hoping! I dont remember if 14 weks is too early to tell the s_x. I hope not, I can't wait anymore! Well I'll let you all know how it went tomorrow.


Shannonml - October 12

I am due April 5th. Just waiting for a few more weeks to see if it is a boy or girl.


Mirdarly - October 12

hey all. I'm due april 20th. starting to show already! waiting to know if it is a boy or girl. i already started choosing names!


pomny143 - October 12

Hi April moms! Went to the doc's today. Had an amzing u/s. They are so different from when I had my son eight years ago. It was truly facinating. I got to see the baby with such clarity. My doctor said it was way too early to determine the s_x, and even if it wasn't the baby had her legs crossed. (I knew I was having a girl! LOL) Anyway, she was sitting there with her little legs crossed and was sucking her thumb! Then as we were watching, she stretched out. It was sooo cute. Well, I just wanted to share that with all of you. It was really special. Hope everyone here is staring to feel better! Take care all.


mama keya - October 13

Aaahhh Pomny That is so sweet, lucky you Thanks for Sharing.


Popple - October 13

Hi, I am new here. I am technically still in the 1st trimester 12w 1d pregnant. but thought that I would just skip straight to 2nd trimester forum.


Amyell428 - October 15

Hello to everyone. I made it over here from the 1st board. For those of you that know me already it is great to see you again. For those of you that have not met me, my name is Amy and I am due April 15. I am from Mobile, Al. This is the greatest news to be inthe 2nd trimester after having 2 m/c. YEAHHHHHH! I can't wait to get to know all of you and follow you during this most wonderful experience.


cynthia502 - October 15

Amyell - welcome! Did you see my news? I am going to have twins. They found 2 babies on my u/s on Friday. wow!



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