Any Doppler Recomendations

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jodie - February 7

Hello! I am thinking about renting a doppler and I was wondering if anyone else who has one recomends a certain brand. Thanks!


lawlady72 - February 7

I rented the heartones, and it will be here next week (I'll be 14 weeks). I wonder if I'll be able to get good sounds at home this early? I wanted it for my dd to feel a part of the experience.


Martha2007 - February 7

I rented one from storkradio. It is great relief for me to check every other day. But sometimes the digital doesn't show the HB per minute. It varies from 90 - 200. SO hard to know the number heart beats per minute. But I can heart the HB very clearly. Thanks. I am in my 16th week now.


jodie - February 7

Hi ladies thanks! Martha, I am in my 16th week now also. I am excited to beable to check it when I want. I will check out both those web sites. Thanks!


Martha2007 - February 8

Jodie, you are welcome. I got the digital one which is like 40$ per month. If you refer my name in storkradio they will give you and me one month free for rent. If you want to consider it please let me know. when are you due? I am due on Jul 28th. Is this your first preg? Mine is first also, I had 2 m/cs earlier. good luck


jodie - February 8

He Martha...I will deffinatly refer you. I still need to check out that site! I am due july 23rd with my second. My DS is 14 months old so he will be about 20 months when the new little one is born. I am sooo excited!! We get to find out on the 20th if it's a boy or a girl. I would love to have a girl, but 2 boys would also be fun!!! When do you find out what you are having??


jodie - February 8

Hey martha, did you really have to send in a perscription from your doc in order to rent the doppler? The site says thay won't send it until they receive a prescription from the doc.


aliciavr6 - February 8 does not require a note from the doctor


Martha2007 - February 8

hi jodie, it is said so on site. I sent a fax for signature to my doctor and I called them next day after I placed the order to find if they received fax for prescription from my OBGYN. They said they did not receive the fax for signed prescription fronm my dr but hey mailed doppler anyway. I got it in 3 days, so I did not bother to know if they got prescription from the doctor. I think it is just a requirenement from FDA. YES,bellybeats doesn't have that condition as aliciavr6 said which is pretty much same as strorkradio.


Faye84 - February 9

I would reccommend renting from Babybeats. COM They work pretty well, I rented the one that was$ 30 a month.


slackette - February 9

Jodie, I bought my through Its a Hi bebe from Bistos. It cost $115 and has a digital display. It was cheaper for me to buy one than to rent for 9 months (but if you are later in the pregnancy, it could be cheaper for you to rent). I LOVE my doppler and I could hear the hb at 10 weeks. good luck!



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