Any Legit Work From Home Jobs

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ry - October 27

Hi! I am starting to get nervous about supplementing my income when the baby comes. I really dont want to leave my baby if I dont have to and will be starting grad school when s/he is 4 months but absolutley need to bring in some income. Does anyone know of any legitimate work from home jobs? They ALL seem to be scams!!! It is frustrating because I do have BA and can type and do have a lot to offer a company-just part time and from home :). Any ideas? Please Help!!


bump - October 28



Laura - October 28

I'd be interested in knowing the answer to this as well. I would love to find something to do at home on my own time to add some in come.


K - October 28

I was thinking about data entry or something but I have no idea how to get started. There are a lot of scams out there!


js - October 28

Unfortunatly, I would say just about all of them are scams. The only way I know to work from home is to already have a job with a company doing data entry, then offer to do it from home. My sister did just that, but she worked for her company for a while first before they took that chance, There is a lot for a company to lose in hiring an unknown who they never see... Try a business selling on ebay...


Rachel - October 28

I have to agree, most are scams or you may have to put more energy into them then what you will be able too. I've tried a few in my younger days. I currently do work from home but with a wonderful huge health insurance company. I was lucky enough to work in thier office for two years before they decided to offer some of us home positions. It just happened to line up with the perfect timing...right after my husband and I found out we were pregnant. So it is probably best to already be in a company that allows the oppurtunity to work from home. At least you will know it is legit.


Kathy S - October 31

A good place to look for at home job listings is Also, a legit work at home doing teleservices - that's answering incoming orders only- can be applied for at I actually work for that one and it is legit work...won't make you rich, but does help to put a little cash in your pocket.



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