Any Noveber Moms Out There

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jnine29 - May 10

h__lo to all the woman who are due in november i'am due on the 6the of November with twins this is my 2nd pregnancy and very happy about it, i would like to talk with woman who are due in November :D talk to you soon :)


18wbabynov - May 10

hi! i just moved into the 2nd trimester forum... im due nov. 12th! holy cow, twins! this one is only one... and it is enough trouble... though morning sicknes (all day every day sickness) has started to get better. how old are you? im 18, 19 on may 22nd, and im thrilled (and worried to death) to be pregnant... this is my first baby.


kmwebber - May 10

I am due according to my doctor on November 1st but acording to the u/s on the 9th. My doctor is going by the 1st. This is my second child. I have a daughter who is 4 and a half and she is very excited about the baby as well as my husband. She is convinced it's a girl and wants to name her Dora. I really don't think I'll be naming the baby after a cartoon character. It's fun seeing her so excited though.


mommatx - May 10

Hi! I am due Nov 10th. This is my second pregnancy but will be my first child. I miscarried at 13 weeks back in August but everything looks great now, so I am very excited!


beth1 - May 10

Hi there! I am due obn Nov. 12th too. I have my next appt on the 18th of this month and cant wait for my next ultrasound. I am 28 will be 29 in dec. and this is my first.


MM - May 10

hello! I'm due Nov. 12th - I'm 27 & this will be our first. I had an ultrasound around 11.5 weeks (saw the heartbeat!) & Friday I have my first OB-GYN visit (my husband is coming because he missed the ultrasound) - we're hoping we'll get to hear the heartbeat! Also, I didn't know you had to ask for a picture, I a__sumed if they were going to give me one they would say something like "Would you like a picture?" - so I didn't get one :( This will be the third grandchild for his parents & the first for mine. I'm very excited (& nervous)!!


jnine29 - May 11

wow so many mom to be in november!!:D i 'am very worried about having twins and and having a small little boy:S i have had very bad morning sickis...i can't think of any nice middle names for girls it's so hard i have put some things on my piczo you have a look if you want to and try and help me what name do u have picked ? any one


kmorris1 - May 12

Hi, I'm due on the 9th November. This will be my first baby. I'm 31 (32 in January). Kate.


linzee - May 12

hey ya'll. im due november 14 with my first. im so excited!


MM - May 12

My husband & I got to hear the heartbeat today. Doc told us at beginning of appt. that we may not be able to hear it because it's still early so if we left without hearing it, not to be disappointed. Well, he found it quickly & said it was a strong heartbeat. 157 bpm - is that good? I'll be at 14 weeks on Sunday.


mandee25 - May 15

I am due November 15 with my first baby and so excited about it!


mandee25 - May 15

MM I was 12 and a half weeks when I first heard the baby's hb and it was about 150bpm so yours is normal at 157. Congrats!


Gem - May 16

Hi I am due Nov 5th which is bonfire night in the UK. I have not had a very pleasant pregnancy so far with sickness and headaches and spotting but hopefully things are looking up now and I am starting to feel better and the baby seems fine.


mels - May 16

Hi I am 28 and I am due on Nov 14 with our first. Have been to the doctors twice since I found out and am off to the hospital next week to get a tour and also a full on examination. Very exciting!


LINZ - May 16

Hi, I am due 19th November with my first. Had my 12wk ultrasound last week and saw the baby and a very strong heartbeat - it was so emotional! I bet everyone says that but I think it only hit me once I had actually saw the baby! Enjoying pregnancy so far, don't feel too bad apart from feeling very tired!


ang23 - May 16

This is my first pregnancy and I am very very excited! I am actually due on Nov. 6th as well! I bet having twins is going to be an amazing experience. So, how are you doing so far jnine29?


k. - May 16

Hi Girls, I'm due November 15, 2nd baby... I have a 7, almost 8 year old son... I'm so excited.. Bit nervous in the beginning because I got pregnant 3 weeks after a natural miscarriage, but had 2 ultrasounds, another one on June 12 at 18 weeks and everything is fine... Good luck to everyone.



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