Any Of You Take Ages To Test Positive On Hpt

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Lynette - June 11

Hi - just popped over from the "signs of pregnancy" board. Seems you guys might be more suited to answering this - my af is currently 8 days late and I was wondering if anyone here took ages for a hpt to come up positive, and then gone on to have a healthy pregnancy? Good luck with your babies!!! :-)


Ranya - June 11

Sometimes it takes that long for the hcg levels to be high enough to be detected by a home pregnancy test. You might want to do a blood test, it will tell you for sure, do you have other symptoms, such as swollen/painful b___sts?


Lynette - June 11

Thanks for responding, Ranya. My doctor wanted me to wait til I was 2 weeks late before doing a blood test. Anyway, all this has become redundant because guess what showed up this morning - 9 DAYS LATE for the first time in my life - (I know - please don't say it... early m/c) so I guess it's back to the drawing board (that's what we call the bed these days - lol!) for me. Best wishes for you and your baby! :-)


Sarah - June 11

Lynette, that is the same thing that my doctor told me "wait two weeks". I had done had two positive pregnancy tests. My period still came, but I was still pregnant, still am. I am 14 weeks today, and everything is going well.


Lynette - June 12

Congrats on your pregnancy, Sarah. I won't be as blindly optomistic to think that your story will be mine (negative hpt's PLUS af) but it's interesting to hear how many variations on "normal" are out there. No wonder we go batty when trying to conceive!! Well, good luck with your baby and I'm glad everything is going well for you :-)


Ranya - June 13

Good luck with you too Lynette, I had a couple of late periods before I actually got pregnant as well and it was very frustrating. Have you tried using an ovulation prediction kit, it helped us and worked the first month we tried (although it makes s_x really tedious). Also something I didn't know is that you shouldn't have s_x every day when you are trying to get pregnant because it takes a day or so for the nutrients in the man's "stuff" to replenish to nourish the sperms. Best of luck!


Lynette - June 15

Thanks for the advice, Ranya! I tried opk's last month and got a negative the whole time. Thought they may have been faulty but maybe I didn't ovulate and that's why I got a late af (plus it only lasted a couple of days). Who knows?! Anyway, wasn't going to use the kits again but found some cheap (supposedly) reliable ones on-line so will give it another go. Going to try bd-ing every second day so the "little boys" should be rested, replenished and nourished (sensitive little souls that they are!!). Thanks again! Take care, :-))



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