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18WKS - November 9



22weeks - November 9

My boyfriend is the same. The first few weeks of my pregnancy he had the morning sickness. Now he cant stop eating... his cravings are worse than mine. He's gained at least 15 Moody isnt even the word... he blames it on me... he said my horomones are making me take things in the wrong way. In reality hes just being an a**!!!


Cathy - November 9

I am 20 weeks. I have gained 18 pounds and my husband has gained 17. He just lies on the couch with me ( I was on bed rest ) and watches tv. we eat and eat and eat. It is so funny. He gets moody but not nearly as bad as me. The other night after supper he laid on the couch and his stomach was terrible Like I get after I eat.


Jennifer - November 9

My bf got morning sickness for a few weeks and now claims he feels bloated. Not to mention he's got some serious in-and-out depression going. One sec he's all happy, the next he looks so sad. I thought I was the one supposed to be all emotional and stuff! These men are stealing our thunder!!!! hehe


Jen - November 9

Yes! I thought this would be my time to get some TLC from my husband, but he's having more symptoms than me! Cravings, sleepiness, stomach aches. I end up taking care of him!


Preggo - November 10

OMG... this is hilarious... my husband ,too, has been eating everything. When we go out to eat he eats the food on his plate and some of mine and he's been waking up some nights to the sound of his on That's not like my husband at all. He has never farted in front of me til now.


misty - November 10

YES!!!! mine has gained weight too! and he has more cravings than I do. He is moody and constantly tired. He has had it with allour babies but NEVER this bad.! He put himself on a diet and went back to the gym which I think is funny because he said it would never happen to him!! Besides our hubbies should go through some "sympathy" stuff with us! With our last baby my husband had the labor pains with me I just laughed my b___t off, he didnt think it was funny and then said "I owe so much to you. Glad your doing it not me"


Michelle - November 10

OMGsh Me too. My husband complains of being tired. He eats junk all day long. He said he is constipated and has had nausua. lol


misty - November 10

oh I forgot to say this: Durring our last pregnancy he was being such an a** so I wished that when I went into labor he would get pains to pay him back! And he did. Since he is the sweetest man! But these stories are so funny


pg no longer with twins - November 11

guess what ladies, my husband has been begging for s_x so we had s_x and guess what right after he did his business he puked, lol, he now thinks we are having a girl, i told him that is what he gets because our lil girl does not want daddy's nasty thing hitting her and inside her mommy. LOL


m - November 13

Lol this is great!!! My fiancee is having sympathy bladder the worst! There are no problems but he seems to go to the toilet more than I do. But with weight, it seems like he has been turned off food and has lost the weight that I've put on. But can definately relate to the tired one, and 2 nights ago at work, he said he had been feeling nauseas for ages but finally his stomach gave way. Poor thing.


Terra - November 16

Mine seems to be having sympathy pains of some kind, I have just had small things.. and we'll chat later and he'll say he had them at the same time.. The one afternoon I had reeeally bad heartburn, around 2 30-3pm, and when I talked to my hunny, he said he was having really bad heart burn at the same time.. I didn't think that could happen.. but more and more things keep happening that we seem to be sharing, so I guess it's possible


LOL - November 16

My husband is behaving himself this pregnancy but with my frist he gained MORE weight than I did and never lost all of it either. My doctor would weigh both of us.. it was pretty funny. I gained 23 and he gained 31 pounds!! I guess they have to enjoy "being pregnant" in some way! :)


Fati - November 27

My b/f had symtomps before we found out we were pregnant, that is how he suspected. He had a lot of nausea and cravings.



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