Any One Due On Halloween

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cmfqueens - April 21

Just wondering if anyone share's the same unusual due date as me? I guess i'll be having a little goblin (boo) anyone else?


Nikki0888 - April 21

My baby's daddy's bday is on Halloween. He's an evil one too lol. Good luck with your little goblin... if he's anything like Jay you're gonna have your hands full!!


amyn - April 21

ooo I love Halloween, my baby is due Oct 14th but I kind of wish the little one will be late so I can deliver on Halloween, although I'm sure I'll regret saying this when I'm 9 months and overdue.


HannahBaby - April 21

hey girl!! how you been??


cmfqueens - April 21

Hey Erin!!!!! I have been well., still working everything thing else is pretty much the same. How about yourself, I have not heard from you in a whil... How's Hannah? and the one in the oven?


HannahBaby - April 21

Hey!! im pretty good!! im starting to feel like myself again, Hannahs gettnig SO BIG its unreal, im 15 weeks today and totally ready to feel some kicks!! hows everything with your and your specail little one??


Taffy - April 24

Cool due date! I'm not due on Halloeen but I'm due on Friday 13th October! And my mum was due to have me on April fools day. Thankfully I was born early.


Robyn - April 25

Hi cmfqueens! I also have a Halloween due date - my favorite holiday! But of course its a low percentage that are actually born on their due date - but i don't care - I love to say that the babe is due on Halloweeen! My DH's b-day is the 29th, so he is also a scorpio and is excited to think the babe might be born on his b-day! I'm 13wks this week - is that what you are too? Take care of yourself and your little goblin!


HannahBaby - April 25

Hey taffy, i am due on friday the 13th too!!


Linda99 - April 26

Hi all, I'm actually due on 11/4 but I would love to have a Halloween baby. Next to Christmas it;s mine and DH's favorite holiday. We love to decorate and hand out candy! I think even if the baby isn't born on Halloween we'll still have costume parties every year!


cmfqueens - April 27

Hey Erin! I had to go to the emergency room last night, I was at work yesterday and got a serious migrane out of nowhere! went to go pee and there was blood. I freaked out and went to the hospital they ordered an u/s and said my placenta has a small hemridge. So i'm just gonna rest for the rest of the week. How are you?


cmfqueens - April 27

Hi Robyn! I'm also a scorpio 11/17. My daughter was born on Dec. 20th. I did not get to go home until Christmas eve. I honestly don't think it will be born on halloween either. but I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Due dates are never really that accurate. But according to calander I'll be excatly 40 weeks on halloween.


HannahBaby - April 27

Hi crystal, im sorry to hear about your placenta :o( i had my drs appt yesterday and made an appt for us in 3 weeks. Im so excited. So are you going to be on bed rest for good?


Ddvinson3 - April 27

cmfqueens hey I'm due in September but I was just reading cause I'm bored. Ne ways I had the same problem with my Placenta around 15 weeks too. So they told me to just rest and it stopped bleeding within a few hours that I left the dr. So how is it going with that now?


cmfqueens - May 1

Well guys, thanks for all your concern. I followed up on Friday at the Doctors and all i got was more bad news! I have polyps on my cervix too! And they can not be removed because usually after it will cause an infection, which in turn can cause a miscarriage. They are painful and me and hubby cant have any more s_x. So I'm going back in two weeks. I have not been put on bed rest yet. I'm just kinda of taking it easy. I will keep you all posted.


nichole4886 - May 1

My due date is Oct. 29th but my doctor says that he thinks that it will be a few days later maybe on Halloween. But like you said, that's an unusual date to have a child and I'm hoping mine isn't born then.


kmwebber - May 5

I am actually due on November first but my daughter was early when she was born and my doctor was telling me that mothers that have one early usually have all their kids early so I am kinda hoping this one is born on holloween. My daughters godfather was born on holloween and if this baby is a boy he's being named after the god father so that would be cool I think.



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