Any One Else Due Sept 26th

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M - March 20

Just started my second trimester. Any advice.


Rae - March 20

I'm due on Sept. 30th. This is my third child and it's really different this time. I have a 14 year old and 12 year old. After 12 years alot has changed but it's a joy to be pregnant.


M - March 21

Hi Rae, Congrats on your pregnancy! How has it been going? How many times have you been to the doctor? Have you seen the heartbeat yet? If so when? It's great to hear from a veteran. This is my first pregnancy so I'm a bit new at all this. How is it different this time around for you? Hope to hear from you. Good luck.


Stacey - March 22

M, I am due on Sept. 26. I am so excited! Are you showing yet?


Jenn - March 22

Hi M. Congradulations on your pregnancy!! I am due July 25th, so I am a bit further along then you, but wanted to say welcome to the Second Trimester, it has been very enjoyable for me, it is great to feel the first kicks and to have my energy back. Have you had an ultrasound yet?


jsmom - March 22

I'm due Sept. 26th too. This will be my second. I'm showing - wearing maternity trousers and my regular shirts. Think I'll be back in those maternity tops before too long :-)


BMR - March 22

I am also due in September, the 22nd to be exact, with my 3rd child. You will do just fine. Enjoy the 2nd tri, b/c your belly gets so big you can't breath and it gets hard to move and sleep.


marie - March 22

Im due sept 27th


M - March 22

Thanks for your responses. Today I had a little bit of brown spotting, I called the Dr. and the sceduled me for a u/s tomorrow. I had an u/s at 10 weeks 5 days and everything looked great. Has anyone else experienced spotting? I'm trying not to worry. My u/s is tomorrow morning, I'll let you know.


M - March 23

Good luck to all of you. I just came back from a u/s and everything is fine! I am so happy.


Rachel* - March 23

I'm due on Sept. 27th and it's my first pregnancy. M, I'm glad everything checked out at the doctor today.


Sindel - March 24

I'm due sept 23. This is my first pregnancy and ive gained 3lbs.


M - March 25

This is my first pregnancy too. I think I've gained about 3 pounds too. Have you guys told all your friends and family that you're pregnant. I've told everybody but work. Let's keep in touch. Be well.


vmchatters - March 27

I'm due on the 23rd of september. Actually I think it's the 15th but they are going by the first day of my last cycle and not by my conception date. My husband and I only had unprotected s_x once in December so I know it had to be then. Either way, I'm due very close to when you are. Have you been feeling less tired or less sick etc.? I was so tired the first three months I just wanted to crawl in hole and hibernate! Still tired now but not nearly as bad.


maja - March 29

Hello, I'm due September 27th. Am so glad to be over the first trimester "hill", because I haven't had a chance to enjoy it at all. Now I finally started to feel normal again (am able to clean my house again ;-). I have heard the heartbeat once so far, am having a doc appointment next week. I can't wait til the ultrasound. But that will probably be in 1.5 months... oh well. So far so good. All the best to you Ladies!


M - March 29

Hey Stacy, No I'm not showing yet. Are you? I can feel that my clothes are a bit tight but it's not obvious that I'm pregnant.


Kiley - March 30

I'm due September 20, 2005... but I think I'm going to have the baby on the 15th. Just a gut feeling.



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