Any One Else In New Orleans

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breezieb - August 28

I m tryin to find any other moms in New Orleans. I evacuated for Katrina and was stuck in traffic for 2 days ( then stuck in Tennesse for 3 months) I'm waiting to see what Gustav is doing ...if I have to leave, I have know idea how I will hold up in that kinda of traffic, I still throw up daily as it is!!! Just wondering what other N. O. moms are doing.


FlyBear - August 28

Wow Breezie I didn't realize you were in NOLA?! I'm living in Gretna and work in N.O. East at Lakefront Airport. I'm probably going to leave early Saturday just in case. I would rather get out early and maybe spend a little money I don't really have, but get to spend a couple days with my mom and friends back in Little Rock than be stuck in traffic forever. My Oliver is Navy and he's on the stay list at the base, so no matter what happens he has to stay here, so we went tonight and got him some snacks and a sleeping bag (he would have to stay on base) and some other neccessities and then after work tomorrow we plan to come home and pack bags so that they're ready to go if need be and then from there I guess we'll see. I just don't wanna wait until they declare a mandatory evacuation or start the contra flow... Do you already have reservations somewhere? I know my boss had to make reservations somewhere for all of our students and the planes and they are having a really rough time finding anything within a 5hr radius.


breezieb - September 5

Hey flybear...I just got back today. I libe in waggaman. I dont have any electric...but i am greatful not to have much damage this time! I actually went to destin flordia and very much enjoyed it! I just acted like I was on vacation, whats the point in stressing. How did you make out? I am staying at my mother in laws untill our electric is back up...are you guys on the bellechase military base? How old are u? I am 27 and this is my third lil one. The worst part of the trip was the nausea from all the


FlyBear - September 7

Breezie, I got back Friday too. Everything was fine. We had no damage and our electricity was back on by then. I didn't have much fun being away though and was anxious to get back. I didn't get to see Oliver for an entire week. :( And if you remember, they were predicting this one to be worse than Katrina at first so I was also really worried about him for the first few days. But I stayed with my mom and as much as I love her, I really can't stand to be there that long. I'm 25. This will be our first. Yeah, we're at the Belle Cha__se base. Where are you in the metro area?


breezieb - September 8

Hey flybear, I just got my electric on last night. I live by westwego...on the westbank...close to the Huey p. ...I have a friend that stays at that base. Will you leave if IKE comes thru? Im telling ya I am tired. I just back in my house last night. I can't see leaving again! I enjoyed the beach but I was also in a hotel with my dh family (who i love) and it was exhausting! we had 5 kids total in the hotel. I just want to go back to work and get back to a regular schedule! I m glad to hear you had no damage!


FlyBear - September 10

Breezie, we're practically neighbors! lol I'm glad Ike isn't headed this way, I really didn't wanna have to think about leaving either. Where is your OB? I go to on on Belle Cha__se HWY, I like him and the nurses and all. He wants me to plan on having my baby at one the hospitals in Metairie though because he said he'd be able to get to me faster. How long have you lived here? I've only been here about 7 months.


breezieb - September 10

Flybear, I have was born here. I moved to Florida for about 3 years but I have been back for 6 years. My doctor is at Lakeside hospital. She is AWESOME!!! I have had so many u/s just because I was nervous. As for metairie hospitals try to shoot for East Jefferson!! That is the place I had my mom sister cousins...etc, all love it!! I had my second at Oschner, never again!!!! It was bad! I have alot of family that like Lakeside to but you have to share a room after you deliver unless you pay extra. At East Jefferson you get your own. I am having this one at EJ. Where are you from?


FlyBear - September 10

I'm from the Little Rock, Arkansas area. I just moved here about 7 months ago when Oliver and I got engaged. We were tired of the long drive. Every weekend one of us would drive the 8hrs so that we could be together. We never missed a weekend, but it was really beginning to take a toll on our cars and finances. Anyways, I get to pick between two different hospitals. I think it's Lakeside and E. Jefferson. He said either one of those was fine and just to let him know which I planned to use as it got closer to my due date. E. Jefferson is the one over on Houma right? If so, I'm familiar with that one because I take our students there to get their flight medicals with Dr. Contreary. When is your due date? I am due Feb 9th and they are going to wait until I'm 22 weeks to do my level 2 u/s (I think that's what it's called:) It's really driving me NUTS. I'm so impatient. I want to know what this baby is NOW! lol My niece who is one of the cutest and coolest kids in the world, told me it's a boy. She just turned 5 and while I was in AR during the hurricane she spent the night with me. The next morning I was changing and she looked at my belly and said, "Why is the baby sitting down?" I told her I didn't know, the baby must just be tired. Which was perfectly understandable to her. So later we were in the living room and she was playing with all the toys she has at grandma's and she just stopped, walked over to me, gave me a hug, felt my belly and said, "then it's a little boy because little baby boys get tired and need to sit down. lol Let's see if she's right!


breezieb - September 11

That is so cute!!!! I hope it is a boy...she will be so pleased. My son is 5 and acts grown up...I asked him if he wants a brother os sister and he says...I dont care mom, Im just gonna take good care of it. I asked my 3 yr old daughter and she says she dosen't want a brother or sister...she wants a cousin. I have tried to explain to her over and over but she is dead set on having a cousin. ( my sister just had a baby...I think she thinks "cousin" describes a tiny new Your niece sounds adorable!! I am due Feb 21. I actually find out the s_x on the 15th. Just a few more days, I can't wait!!!!!! Do you want a boy or girl? Has oliver always lived here? Both are good hospitals, I perfer EJ, thats the one on Homua. What kind of work do you do?


FlyBear - September 14

Your daughter sound adorable. I love it whe kids say things like that. It's so cute. Oliver hasn't always lived here. He's only been here about 3yrs. He's originally from Europe but he's been in the states 7yrs and he's been a citizen for like 4 yrs.


breezieb - September 16

flybear- I am having a boy!!! yeah! I even got the 3d/4d u/s. I am so excited! I am working but wanted to give u a quick update.


FlyBear - September 16

Congratulations!!!! I'm 19 weeks now and I still don't know. I know I know, I've said it way to many times and everyone is probably tired of hearing it. lol I can't wait to find out though. It'll feel so good for us to be able to call my belly by one of the names we have picked out and feel confident that's the right name for the baby in there, and to dream of what it'll be like to be the mommy of a little girl or a little boy and to finally start buying something other than white, yellow and green baby stuff. lol Again congratulations! So were you hoping for a boy?



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