Any One Else Nervous

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Joanne032167 - November 1

This is my second pregnancy, first pregnancy lost at 13 weeks due to major birth defects. I am 40 years old, had IVF and am now 16 weeks. I am terrified and afraid to be happy. So far all test have come back. I am awaiting the 2nd tri blood, first came back 1:300 for DS (included NT which measure 1.4) and my level II sono is in three weeks. Is anyone else scarred?


Nervousmommy2b - November 1

Yes! I think we are all scared. I am 16 weeks too. When is your due date? I don't think the worrying will ever go away. That's what mom's do! Good luck to you!


jennifer_33106 - November 1

haha I am too but not about losing the baby. I am scared about the future and whether or not I am going to be a good enough mother. I worry about getting my figure back and worry about whether DH finds me attractive. I worry if I dont feel the baby move for a little while or if she gets really active. I decided not to research possible complications anymore because those made me worry even more. I think my days or no worries are 24 weeks behind me. haha For the rest of our lives we will wonder and worry about our kids. I feel you!


kazforrest - November 1

Joanne, I am 37 and share your concerns. Im pregnant with my first and scared to death there will be something wrong with it. i was 1.1 on my NT and 1:3700. Im 19 weeks and have a level II in two weeks. I dont think i will stop being scared until its born. Jennifer - i also have all the fears you have, i want to be a good mother but not any less attractive to DH and still be the same career women. I havent been able to avoid the research and my obyn consultant and the proff of fetal medicine whose care i am under keep telling me to stop it- thats their jobs!!! Didnt realise pregnancy would be so scarey!!


Happymommy - November 1

Yes. I try not to be but it is hard when I am already so protective of my lo. My biggest fear is premature labor. It would be horrible if my water broke right now. I am 21 weeks, 3 days. I read that at 28 weeks the chance of survival is more than 95%--and that was from a study done in 2002 so it is probably even better now. So I can't wait to get to that point and then I can't wait to get to full term!


Iamamiracleangel - November 2

Hey Joanne, I share your fears. I've had one stillborn at 30 wks, a miscarriage at 9 wks and had my AFP testing come back with a 1 in 63 chance of having a down sydrome baby. We had the consult with a genetics counselor and since I'm only 21 with no history in my family of DS chances are my baby doesn't have it.. It's all so scary though. I'm afraid I'm going to lose another baby late in the pregnancy. The first time was from pre-eclampsia.....Maybe to calm your nerves a bit, my level II came back perfect and I had a decent chance of having a DS baby.. It's still a slight possibility since I didn't do the Amnio, but those tests are not always the most accurate.. Good luck to you, doll!


ShoppingForTwo - November 4

YES I am terrified! I wish there was a way to ease the anxiety :( Wow, it must be wonderful for the biggest worries to be if DH will still find you attractive or if you will get you pre-pregnancy figure back. . . I like you IAMAMIRACLEANGEL have experienced a loss so the innocence and being completely naive is looonnnggg gone!


Mel Page - November 6

Hi girls, I'm 23 weeks along and also lost my fist bub. I also worry every day, but have found that when I give my worry's to the Big Boss then they seem sooooo much lighter, cause I'm not carying them alone anymore. Love Mel XxXxX



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