Any One From MA

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AKAK - June 9

I live in MA and just wondering if there is anyone else here maybe we could chat. Tell me how far along you are and how your pregnancy s going.


LG - June 9

Hi! I'm in MA. I'm almost 13 weeks and so far so good. I have had a fair bit of "all day" sickness... Morning... I wish!!! lol However the last couple of days have been great. Hopefully it is going away!!! How about you? How are you doing?


akak - June 9

Welcome! I ma doing fine... I am at my 19 weeks. Some day I fell good some day I fell bad... No Morning sick nees. Is it your first?


Davida - June 9

I'm from RI! I'm almost 17 wks and morning sickness has eased off quite a bit although I am sipping on some ginger ale right now. We are going for a level 2 u/s in 2 wks and I hope we can find out that the baby is healthy and if it's a boy or a girl! Go Sox!


LG - June 9

Ginger ale has been a life saver! I don't think I would have survived without it! This is baby #1 for me... How about for you guys?


mama2be - June 10

hey girls I'm from ma__s too :) I'm officially 13 weeks as of today and I'm carrying twins, first pregnancy. good lordy, its double the tiredness, nausea, headaches, hunger.. but I think I'm getting through it ok so far. currently suffering from a bad headache :( I have to agree with ya LG, its all day sickness, who ever came up with "morning"? sheesh, must have been a guy LOL.. going for the level 2 u/s on the 22nd of july and I can't wait. first one was hilarious watching one kid sleep calmly and the other squirming around. I have trouble sleeping at night, anyone else?


Davida - June 10

This is baby #3 but the the oldest is 19 and the 2nd is 10! I KNOW!!! New husband though and we were NOT trying! What a miracle though! Starting to have trouble sleeping not just because of the humidity but the belly too! I feel HUGE! I cannot imagine twins! God bless you! God bless all of us!


Kel - June 12

Hi all. I live in MA and i'm 26 weeks pregnant and we're having a boy! Knock on wood, but thus far I've had a great pregnancy! How is everyone holding up in this humid weather?


Michele - June 13

I live in NH - this is my first baby in my mid 30's. I am doing pretty good and feeling ok. I have nothing to compare it to but all in all - not bad.


mama2be - June 14

goodness gracious, this humidity! I've been locking myself in the bedroom (the only room with a/c).. still having trouble sleeping at night, nausea seems to be slowly stepping back, but its still there.. only thing that's gotten worse is the headaches, yowch :( I hope you're all staying cool and hydrated & hope this humidity isn't hanging around all summer. *sighs* oh, a question for you ladies.. did anyone get a hard upper tummy around 13-14 weeks? my tummys been getting harder the the top to mid tummy area.. I didn't know if it was just me, or if its common with twins. any feedback is great :)


jsmom - June 14

I'm in Brighton - 25 weeks and this heat is driving me crazy !!!!


LG - June 14

I am so glad that the heat and humidity is breaking today. We have central a/c in the house but it isn't strong enough to reach the upstairs. Last night it was so bad that even though I had a fan going full blast I had to go downstairs and sleep on the sofa! Mama2be - Good Luck with your twins! That is going to be a hand full! Must be exciting though! I agree with you saying about your mid to upper tummy getting hard. Mine is too. I think organs that a usually lower are being pushed upwards making our tummies feel harder. But I don't really know this for sure, didn't do any research... But it sounds good, right?!? lol


mama2be - June 14

ah! our prayers have been answered! the heat is gone at last! wooohoo! I'm ecstatic :) lets hope it stays cool for a lil while at least.. LG- thanks doll, gonna need the luck with 2. I haven't come up with names yet but I've got this 'double trouble' nickname already. lol :) they made me sooo sick.. tsk tsk. what u said about the organs moving up sounds good to me! I'll have to research and ask the doc about this.. glad I'm not the only one!! :) *dances aroundin celebration*


LG - June 14

When I was a teenager, I had pet sheep and there was a set of twins. I named the twins Pete and Repete. You could use those names!! Ha Ha! Atleast you have plently of time to come up with names for "Double Trouble".



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