Any One Here Having Baby Around The 2nd Week Of Feb

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cecile - October 5

hey ya,ll i,m having baby on feb 12 and i am very excited i am 21 weeks and my little tike is very active if you are have baby around that same time email me @[email protected]


Emma - October 5

Hiya, Im due on the 6th of Feb and have only just started feeling movement but its making up for it now, here is my MSN [email protected]


Tiffany - October 5

I am due Feb. 8th and felt him move finally at 20.3 weeks.


Rhonda - October 5

Hey I am due feb 4th or 6th ha ha lol but my little guy is a very active little one the sono tech had her work cut out for her...and I feel him so much ha ha lol but I love it lots of luck to ya ( :


Crystal - October 6

I'm due Feb. 18th & have been feeling a very active little one ~ he/she seems way more active right after I eat or lay down for some reason.


shelly - October 6

I'm due Feb. 12th also w/ my 1st- It's a Boy!!!


Amy - October 6

hi i'm due feb 18th


erinsoul - October 6

I'm due on the 10th with my first, it's a boy. He is also very active, I feel him all the time!


Karen - October 7

HI I'm due 2/19 with a very active little girl. Yep, she likes when I eat and when I relax also. :-)


Mandi - October 7

I'm due Feb 7-9th with my's a boy.


Debi - October 7

Hi, I'm due Feb 20th with a girl.


Melissa - October 7

First baby. Due on 8th or 11th of february...maybee a Valentine baby ;) It is mooving more and more, it`s so amazing. We are finishing the baby room this weekend. TAke care all of you


Melissa - October 7

Anyone from Canada? NB, e-mail at [email protected]


shelly - October 7

Melissa, your baby rooms already done!!! I feel behind now!! We painted the ceiling this week and that was the 1st thing we did so far!!


Meredith - October 8

Hey, I am due Feb 14th! Congrats to you. This is my first baby. How about you? Feeling movment all the time which helps ease my mind. Defin feeling weird with the gaining weight. I feel like Im gaining too much and I dont eat too bad. Hmmm. How is everyone else feeling?


shelly - October 8

I've been feeling great!! I feel funny sometimes about the weight gain also, how much weight have you gained?? I started out at 123 and now I'm 140 at 22 weeks. I didn't have any morning sickness so I gained alot in my 1st trimester. Meredith, do you know what you're having?? I feel so much movement now to, all day long he's moving around!!


Emy - October 8

Shelly, we are practically the same as far as weight goes. I started at 122 and am now at 140. I am due feb. 20th and I too did not have any morning sickness and ate a lot the first few months..



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