Any One Weigh In The 160 Range Pre Pregnancy

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hr - May 2

Just wondering how far you are along and how much You've gained.


v - May 2

Hi hr! I was in the very early 160's when I got prego. I am now 13wks and have gained about 7 lbs. not doing too bad i think. I walk 20 minutes two times a day and try to stay away from the sweets even though it is very hard. How far along are you? Hope all is going well.


Sonya-edd 10/12/05 - May 2

yes, I was 160 ish probably 165 or so. at my 13 week appt. I weighed 172. I was shocked. I had been trying to eat really well (for me) and I had started walking about 1 mile 3-5 times per week. I go back to the Dr. this week and I am dreading the scale. I am showing a lot, I look a lot further along than I am. I am only 17 weeks. How about you?


hr - May 2

I was 166 at my 1st apt and I was so shocked cause just 6 months prior I went on my honeymoon and was 140. So I was really disapointed and scared to put on weight I just dont want to be 200 when I'm done. Which is where the dr. is saying I'll be, that means I would need to loose 60! pounds so scared. I am now 25 weeks and at my last apt 1 week ago i had put on 16 lbs so far, but... only 1 pound in the last month?, then since the apt last week I have seemed to put on 3lbs? In ONE week? Its my own fault though, I am living off carbs, I dont seem to like to eat meat and can only force myself to eat about 2-3 fruits/veggi. Thanks for writing, I really get bummed when I hear all the size 2 girls writing in and feels like braging that they haven't put weight on yet or just a couple of pounds. Probably just my own insecurity.


Staci - May 2

I was appx 157 prior tp pregnancy and now I am abt. 19 weeks and 169 lbs. Anyone else?


rae - May 2

i was 165 pre pg and now 167 at 19 weeks. i'm doing good so far with my weight but i fear i will be 200 at the end. everyone keeps telling me not to worry i can lose it after the baby comes but weight has been a fight all my life


Jen - May 2

I was 157, which was very high for me and at my 13 week appt. I was 160. I walk for 45 minutes 6 times a week but have not been as good with the sweets as I should be - before I was pregnant I followed a strict low carb diet where I only ate good carbs like fruits, whole grains. I am slowly getting back to eating that way but anticipate that I have gained a few more pounds in the meantime. I have an appt. this week at 15 weeks and so I'll know then.


weight sucks - May 3

Hi - I'm not in the 160 range but more like 180 ....I was always thin my whole life until my daughter 2 years ago!! I am 14 wks and get depressed because I weighed 190 the day before I had her!! I am so scared about being way over 200 with this one...but I have been told that if you are overweight and watch what you eat and get some physical exercise, you should not gain very much. I also don't want to have a big baby, anyone else concerned about that?


teresa - May 3

I weighed like 157 before i got pregnant. I am now almost 23 weeks and I weigh almost 170. I dont know if this is good or bad.. I am just now starting to gain weight. I didnt gain anything at first.


ekay - May 3

I weighed about 160 prepreg and now at 20 weeks I weigh 168, HOWEVER, all eight pounds were in the last 9 weeks! I gained 60 lbs with my first and 40 with my second, but I started out at 135-140. My problem is eating out and grabbing a 3 musketeers at the store every morning. I calculated it and if I continue to gain 4 lbs a month the rest of my pregnancy, I'll still only be up to about 185-190, which I can live with, since that is what I delivered at the other times. If only my hips weren't so huge......


ekay - May 3

You know what p__ses me off too-Every pregnancy magazine shows stick skinny girls with little basketball bellies. You know, we are swamped daily with skinny girls in magazines and on TV. Now the one time that we actually are supposed to gain weight, they still shove 'the perfect sterotypical body' down our throats. Has anyone every seen a pregnancy magazine picture of a 180 pound woman with big hips, sagging b___sts from previous pregnancies and stretch marks? I haven't. I think it is bull-honkey personally.


Steph - May 3

I am 17 weeks today. I started at about 165 and I am now at 174. I had a miscarriage last year and put on weight after that, so my "ideal" weight is about 155. That means I already have about 20 lbs. to lose and I am not even half way there. I am hungry all the time though, so I figure I am just going to go with it, eat as healthy as I can and work like crazy after the pregnancy. Good luck to you all.


Lindy - May 18



Tammy - May 19

Age and genetics have a lot to do with the weight coming off. With my 1st, I was 24 and was 122 pre preg and went up to 177. It took me about 6 months to lose the weight. With my 2nd I was 40 and started at 129 and went up to 210. It took me 1 year to lose the majority of the weight (within 15 lbs). I since have had 2 miscarriages and am starting this preg at a higher weight than I'd like but...I am trying to do better this time. I am 17 weeks and have gained 10 pounds. I am dreading after because at 45 I know losing the weight is going to be a struggle.


SB - May 19

I was 164 lbs when I got pregnant I lost down to 155 lbs and now I have gained back 5 lbs so I'm 160 but I'm 17 weeks and my doctor says I'm fine.


Tigerphoenix - May 19

I was about 170 when I found out but I've accaualy lost weight. I found out early March and since then I've dropped to 155. Im now 17 weeks pregnant. My doc said not to worry to much cause my wieght loss has slowed down since my last visit. (the time before this last one I had lost 13lb in the course of a month. this last visit on 2lbs). Everything is just fine so I guess its the sickness that is getting me.


Tigerphoenix - May 19

Wow I just read all the posts and only one other person has lost weight like I have. Hey SB is this your first? Its mine so maybe that has something to do with it? Girls Im not bragging about the weight loss, it accualy scares me a bit. Sure helps to hear that heartbeat when I go to the Dr. I get worried that Im harming it. I try to force feed myself but I have never been a big eater in the first place.



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