Any Other 26 Weekers Around

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MJM - October 3

I am so glad that in a week I will be in my 3rd trimester. This has been a long 2nd tri for me. It seems that it was a lot quicker with my daughter. Anyway congrats to you all and hope to see you in 3rd tri soon!!!! ;)


Brooke - October 3

I am 24 1/2 weeks. So not quite as far as you. I am expecting a baby girl in January and it will be my first.


Kenia - October 3

Im 25 weeks expecting my second child in janurary. Good luck to all the ladies


Christy - October 4

Hi! I'll be 27 weeks friday. I'm SOOO ready for this to be over. This is my 3rd pregnancy and it is so weird. I am so much smaller than with the first 2, but I am so much more uncomfortable! So far, I've gained like 12 lbs. b/4 it was double. My uterus is also in a different position and this baby keeps kicking at my bladder!! OH, IT HURTS!! I constantly feel like I need to pee, I'm serious, I think she has damaged me!! I'm due Jan 6th, but will have a c-section 12-27. I can't wait!!!! Good luck, I enjoyed spilling all this!


Lia - October 4

I'll be 25 weeks tomorrow!!!! We're expecting out first on Jan 18th. We have not found out the s_x. It will be a complete surprise. See you in two weeks on the 3rdTri Board.


MJM - October 4

WE are having a boy and he is due between the 6th and the 10 of January. It seems so far away. This is child #2 for us and this pg is totally different also. My belly b___bs and b___t got really big pretty fast. I go up a cup size about every 3-4 wks. He is always moving and I can hardly breathe. My pg with my daughter was a breeze!!! This will be our last baby. Christy you are so lucky to know when your child will be coming. I think that is what kills me the most is the huh is it going to be early or late or on time. I was induced with my daughter so knowing my luck this little guy will be late also.


Raychel - October 4

Hey! I'll be 27 weeks friday. Thank lord. Final stretch. Besides for being worried every second of everyday, everything is ok. Wish yall luck!


Jessica - October 6

I will be 27 weeks on Sunday due Jan 8th. Can't wait to be in the final trimester!!!


Ge - October 7

When does the 3rd Trimester start? I've heard all of the following ->27th week, end of 27th or end of 28th week. Does anyone know which one it is?


Lisa - October 9

I am one day into my 26th week. I'm having a baby girl, and my edd is January 21, 06 My email: [email protected]


Rachel. R - October 9

Yay... week 26.. i finally made it.. never thought i would make it this far.. im 27 weeks this saturday. im due january 14. We found out were having a baby girl. yay


Michelle - October 10

I am 24 weeks with second daughter. Due on January 24th. When does thrid trimester begin? Can't remember.


sarah - October 10

I'm 27 weeks on thursday!! Our first baby, and we don't know the s_x.


amber - October 10

I am 26 weeks nows, i am having a girl, im due January 15th, my email address is [email protected] feel free to email me its first baby, i am 22 years old.


Heather - October 11

I, too just started my 26th week. I am due Jan 22 with a baby girl. I can't wait!!!


Beth - October 11

I'm 25 weeks on Thursday, due Feb 2, s_x unknown, 20 years old and ready for this pregnancy to be over. My hips hurt! Anybody else have that?


mother777 - October 12

i am 27 weeks as of tuesday, and i am due on jan 10th with a girl.



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