Any Others With Frequent Headaches What Can I Do

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Dana - March 17

Hi, I appreciate all input and advice. I am at 16 weeks, and I have been getting a lot of headaches, some really severe that make the top of my neck hurt and give me ear-aches. My Dr. told me to take Tylenol, not Ibuprofen, which I have been doing, but it doesn't always help, and how much is too much Tylenol for pregnancy?


heather - March 17

I too had real bad headaches every day for over a week and funny enough it was also in my 16-17th week. I would even wake up with them. I finally went to the dr and he too said Tylenol. Regular, 2every 4 to 6 hours. Not more then 4x's/day. He said to take it as soon as the onset, which that was great advice. I would try to wait it out and they just got worse. I am now in my 19th week and havn't had a headache in over a week. Maybe its just that certain time of pregnancy.?. Good luck.


Serena - March 17

Have your blood pressure checked also to make sure that it is normal. Good luck.


M - March 18

I'm in my 14th week and have been getting terrible headaches too. I didn't want to take anything for fear of harming my baby, but this one headache lasted 2 straight days including the night. It was horrible. In the end I went to the store to get some paracetamol and didn't even make it out. I fainted right there in the middle of the shop. I was SO embara__sed. I won't let my headaches get that bad EVER again. Yeah, same as what Heather said 2 every 4-6hrs. As long as you don't exceed the recommended dosage it should be fine =) Good luck.


Maleficent - March 18

i had headaches with my second pregnancy and they got better when i started drinking ALOT more water.


ROSI - March 18



eyebeeablessing2u - March 18

Taking the tylenol is good advice, and drink enough water as it is also a sign of dehydration. I suffered for a couple of month in the beginning with bad headaches and solved them by drinking more water and the Tylenol idea. I also bet you are having a BOY, I am......


Lucky1 - March 18

Blood sugar can play a role, also like Malificent said drinking plenty of water. I get headaches when I am not eating enough or getting enough water. I also have low blood sugar and I heard that can cause the headaches.


amanda - March 18

i had the same problem, terrible headaches around 16 weeks. I go one of those heating things you put in the microwave and put it around my neck, it helped. the other tylenol and water advice is good too. Eventually though i found out I had a sinus infection, I started running a low grade fever. I had to take short dose antibiotics but it cleared it right up and the head aches are gone! I'm at 19 weeks now.


Josie - March 18

Isn't it weird...I had constant headaches around 15-16 weeks...I also have really bad seasonal allergies...I was taking two-four Tylenol a day, but now I have been put on Benedryl allergy (not non-drowsy) and I just take two before no more Tylenol, although if you suffer from hayfever definitely consult your MD before taking anything...there are risks with any medication, but this one is pretty low.


Kaly - March 18

Hi, i had bad headaches around 10-11 weeks, they were bad, a slightest noise would bother me and it was really bad that i cudn't sleep at night. And sometimes, i woke up in the middle of the night with bad headaches. Well, i was scared to even take tylenol, took just one and mostly bore it down. Well, they stopped suddenly after i told my mom about that. have no idea how, i guessthey just subside after a while. Now i have headaches once in a while, but not bad ones. I also got ma__sages from dear hubby too, that helped a bit. Hope yours will go away soon, sending good wishes your way :)


KAY - March 18



Helper - March 19

I get these bad headaches as well and I haven't yet had to take anything, a friend of mine does holistic healing and she said that there is a pressure point at the top of the ear where your ear folds over a bit she said to put your thumb nail in there and pinch it til you want to scream then let go do it to both ears, it releases a natural morphine that your body produces. I know it sounds like torture but it does work, it relaxes you, you may have to do it a few times. I hope that it helps anyone that has headaches.


Jbear - March 20

If your headache becomes more than you can stand, and if tylenol doesn't do anything for it, your doctor can prescribe something stronger. I had a migraine that lasted two days. I took tylenol four times in the first 24 hours, with no relief. I was in so much pain that I was vomiting. I also had visual disturbances, it looked like static. I called my doctor, and explained that tylenol wasn't doing any good, so they prescribed a combination pill with tylenol, caffeine and a barbituate.


M - March 20

Hi Dana, I feel your pain (literally). Tomorrow I'll be 13 weeks pg. and I too have been having terrible headaches. I also have discovered that tylenol doesn't really cut the mustard. Here's what I suggest. My friend told me that caffenine is really effective for tension headaches (similar to the ones you get in pregnancy). The reason caffenine helps is that is opens up the blood vessels thus releaving the tension. But the catch is that you don't really want to be drinking too much caffenine during pregnancy. I think 8oz a day is O.K. I try not to drink it at all. My friend suggested having a cup of green tea when I had a bad headache because it has a bit of caffenine to help with the headache but it also is packed with anti-oxidants which is great for you and the baby. So it's not as bad as drinking coffee or regular tea. It also helps to clense the body and is very soothing. Anyway, hope this helps. Good luck.


teresa - March 21

ive been having the same problem. I am now 16 weeks and its like the past 3 days ive had horrible headaches off and on. I am afraid of taking to much tylenol at once, bc it doesnt always help... This seems weird we are all around the same time period, + -


kd - March 22

I'm 15 weeks and just saw my doctor for headaches. She suggested taking tylenol sinus (since plain tylenol wasn't helping) with a little caffeine, like a coke. I'm hoping the headaches just taper off soon. Also, my doctor told me that tylenol is very safe and not to worry about taking it as long as you don't exceed the recommendations.



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