Any Over The Counter Meds Safe To Take

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MuzikGurl - June 12

Hello I am wondering I am 14 weeks pregnant and I have been having constipation off and on lately and I have been eating the right things and everything and yet I still get it I want to take an over the counter medication to help it along...but not sure what is safe to take and what is not...please help me asap...thanks in advance!


CaliTrish - June 12

Unfortunately, constipation is one of those wonderful side affects of pregnancy. If you've already tried increasing your fluid & fiber intake and eating prunes, my hospital newsletter says it's safe to take Metamucil (plain), Fiber-all, or Colace. Good luck.


tryingx3 - June 12

You are NOT alone. I just got desparate enough to drink prune juice....hope it helps, but wow it will be a challenge to try again. I take stool softeners everyday (colace generic) and can't imagine if they are helping how bad it would be WITHOUT them! I was also told by nurse pract_tioner that senokot-s was okay to take...of course, the same day they put me on iron supplements. They say drink plenty of water (which I do) and walk or exercise (which I don't get enough of!).


alwaysamber - June 12

I know how you feel. Not only do I have IBS but being pregnant doesn't help!! I just recently started taking Metamucil pills...they help a lot. I suggest getting something like that.


Taffy - June 13

I have the complete opposite problem also due to IBS. Unfortunately I can't take any of my meds during pregnancy and I now seem over sensitive to nearly all foods that I eat. I can sympathise with you but from the opposite end of the spectrum. I sorry though that I'm not getting enough calories even though I eat all the time. The only thing I can suggest for you guys is that I have read that hot water helps constipation better than cold water. I don't know if its another old wives tale or not but I wouldn't do any harm to try.


Newhoneybuns - June 14

Constipation is actually the best thing that has happened to me in pregnancy. I know you all will think i'm weird but i have crohn's disease ( 10 years now) and that disease makes you go to the bathroom 20 + times a day ( for me it did). So i havent known constipation ever in my life up until now and it actually feels good not having to run to the bathroom all the time. But i'm sorry for you who think it's an inconvenient. Yes Metamucil and Fiber-all is natural and safe to take for those who need it :-)


MuzikGurl - June 15

thanks for responding...I decided to buy prune juice boy it's expensive juice for tasting not so great...yuk! >p But I only drank a few sips and it seemed to help some...I have also been taking two tums at nights cause I am beginning to notice I am starting to get indegestion late in the evenings and right before I go to bed. I have been cutting some meats cause I heard that meats are sometimes hard for the body to digest but you don't know it until ur constipated. I also have been only drinking water and juice-any kind no carbination drinks whatsoever! as it produces gas and bloating. I only eat what I can and if I don't finish a meal and wait a while walk around some and maybe about an hour later or two I'll eat some more or find something new to snack on. I found out popsickles help ALOT! They taste great and very cheap if you get the simple stick kinds that come in a box I bought a box of 100 popsickles at the dollar store for only 2 bucks and they help with not only the heat but also helps keep me hydrated even if I sit on my b___t all day. I also checked my blood sugar (dad's a diabetic) with an at home monitor and I noticed my blood sugar is low a lot fo the time esp. for me. Mom thinks I am not eating enough calories for my body to produce bile to excret, and it shows on the blood sugar test that I might not be eating as much as I should but, 90% of the time I'm not hungry nor am I pukey either. I weighted at 312 when I found out I was pregnant at 6 weeks when I went in for my 9 weeks check I was 311-312 still when I went in at 13 weeks I had lost 6 lbs. and I think that's a good thing but seems like some people don't think so but, so far at my scans recently at 13-14 weeks I am a__suming the tech didn't see anything wrong with me losing weight as long as I'm not pushing myself to do so. It feels as if this baby is saving my is keeping me from dieing at a young age. What do you all think...let me know any thoughts...thanks for listening.



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