Any September Babies

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Cookie - March 4

Hi, I'm due Sept 13th, and I know i'm a week early to be on this site...but can't seem to find any mommy's to be due in September...just wanted to find some other ladies...just entereing their 2nd trimester...


elizhope - March 4

Im due Sept 1st. I know what you mean, Im surprised there hasnt really been a Sept Mommies thread yet. All Ive really seen is June/July/August ones. Im 14w2d today!


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - March 4

I'm due September 15th, which makes me 12w and 1 day...I already have a 6 month old daughter (so close in age I know, but most definately not planned) Are any of you first time moms, or are you going for another round?


happytobemommy - March 5

I'm due Sept 3rd, which makes me 14 weeks today. Cookie nice to meet you, I don't' believe we have ever talked before. Hey elizhope nice to see you over here. I have seen NerdyGirl but I'm not sure we have ever talked. Nice to finally talk. Wow you are going to have your handsful. As I am sure you are well aware. LOL. I give you a lot of credit. I think that will be nice later on that they are so close in age. This is my first baby and we are very excited. On Monday I made the appointment to find out the s_x of the baby.,.On April 21. It seems so far away. LOL. How is everyone feeling? I am so grateful that I finally got some of my energy back. Yea!


MyLittleEs - March 5

Hi there, I'm due September 16th. I just registered with this site. This is my third child; my other two are 4 and almost 2.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - March 5

Yeah I am fully aware, thankfully I got over morning sickness, I did have a burst of energy then today I slept til 11, shockingly I got my daughter to sleep too...But its nice talking to everyone and congrats to you all...I haven't had an ultrasound at all yet, won't get one til I am around 20 weeks so that sucks


pinkbo0tlace - March 5

I am due Sept 12. =) I'd love to keep in contact with other mommies who are due in September.


amysophie - March 6

Hi everyone, my name is Amy, I am from England and i am due Sept 15th. I would also like to chat with you ladies on this forum. My latest news is that i just bought a second hand iron baby crib for $20! ive painted it white and decorated with cream+blue+yellow material and with cushioning round the sides. and little blue bows. Its sooo sweet! (i know its early but it was a bargain!)


happytobemommy - March 6

Hey AmySophie your crib sounds super cute. That is a bargain. Nerdy why do you have to wait so long for an u/s? That seems so long. I have already had four done. Two were confirming and also finding out how far along I was. Are any of you ladies going to find out what the s_x of your baby is? I really can't wait to find out. That is really funny though because at first i was really against finding out but my dh and my sister talked me into it.


Cookie - March 6

Wow, I'm so glad to see some girls in here, this is my 2nd baby (HUGE SUPRISE)...dh and I had a fun new years apparantly...and with my last pg, I met some girls here online and we are still chatting almost 2 years later, it was nice we met on the first trimester board...and have been chatting ever since...i'm currently living in scotland, we just moved here from Florida, so trying to adjust to the weather and a new medical system...I am still feeling pretty sick, I didn't have any morning sickness with my first, and this is like a constant sickness...with major cheese, and soft icecream little ones will only be 21 months apart...i'm a little afraid of two so young, Nerdy girl, how are you feeling about the age difference? ttfn


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - March 6

I can't wait to find out what I'm having...we would wait, but I like to prepare. I won't get one because my doctor doesn't think it is necessary just yet : ( should have just stuck to my old doctor. I am scared about having them close together, it will be hard but it wil be fun, especially when they get a bit older. Plus, I'm a stay at home mom, so I can take care of them on my own, and DH goes to work at 6 and is home by 3 so its not like a 9-5 thing, 2 extra hours does a lot. Congrats to all and welcome, any of you have piczo or myspace? I keep in touch with one mom from my daughter...haven't heard from one but need to add her on myspace. Last year we started a piczo site, I will set it up, e-mail me if you wanna join, I think it will be fun, we can share pics and stuff. This is the one we did last year septembermommies dot piczo dot com...check it out and let me know if you guys are intrested and I can set it up....just change the dot to . and no spaces


Cookie - March 7

the Group of girls I met here with my dd, are all on the cafemom site, its great b/c you can have tickers and post pictures etc...we sort of moved there together as a group, but I couldn't find any girls due in Sept that were consistantly chatting...its much more fun to get to know a few girls to vent and chat with...makes it a little less lonely...(well lonely for me being up here in the dh and I came over to help with my family's vacation business for a year, so we are all working, and my daughter is at work with us as well, she has a crib in the back of our office, and our guest love her, she is such a trip...people even take pictures of her etc...she has sort of become our anyone felt the baby move yet? I swear that I am feeling little bumps and niggles...I could swear I felt dd pretty early last time as well (not this early)...


elizhope - March 7

I havent felt the baby move yet, but they say it usually takes until week 18 to feel anything. I cant wait! That will be soo exciting. I have my next u/s appt to find out the s_x in 2 weeks. My doctor has already said shes thinking it will be a boy so my dh is super happy about that :) Im glad to have some energy and my appet_te back. I rented a home doppler and Iisten to the heartbeat every night before bed. Its great. How is everyone elses pg's going so far?


llukenjess - March 7

Im at the end of september...the 24th


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - March 7

I haven't felt the baby, but if its anything like my daughter I would feel the first one around 17w...she moved constantly all the time, I loved it...minus when she was in my ribs lol I'm so excited tho


Cookie - March 7

Elizhope you are so lucky to be feeling better...with my first pg I had no morning sickness, etc...this time I feel like I've been hit by a mack truck...tired and nauseus(sp?) all the time...I can't wait for it to end...also I have a crazy sweet tooth, I never eat candy...but lately when we go into town (which is a trek) I buy a little bag...I'm going to stop b/c it can't be good for the baby...weird...Monday we are going to Glasgow, one of the big cities here in Scotland which is about 2 1/2 hours away for a detailed nuchel scan...I am hoping they may see what the baby is, but its still pretty early...I saw the baby 2 weeks ago...and it was sleeping, when we woke it did a little somersault, and then acted just like rolled over, snuggled down and went back to swear this one is going to be a boy...


Renae - March 7

Hello ladies, mind if I join your group? I'm due September 16th as well! I was talking to a few ladies a while back early in my 1st trimester, but haven't been on here in a would be nice to have some convesation with others due in September!!!



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