Any Sick Mommies That Can Offer Me Some Hope

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CJ - August 24

I will be 14 weeks this Friday and my Dr. has already said I should be feeling better by now and definetly back on my feet but I am still miserable an sick I want to get up and out and enjoy being pg...but I am sick all the time..I evern have to take medication just to eat...any Mommies as sick as me then get better quickly??? Any stories would help!!


Hunee - August 24

with my first child i was only sick until 13 weeks but this time around I was sick constantly till 16 weeks and even now i occasionally feel sick but it has eased off a lot


Tanya - August 24

CJ, hang in there my friend. They tell you it should be better by your second tri, but some last well into the second tri and some the whole pregnancy. I have two, no three friends who were sick their entire pregnancies. I myself was sick until I was around 17 weeks. Emetrol helped with the nausea, but as far as feeling "sick", I thought I was not going to make it! The sickness was really bad for me. I just knew something else other than pregnancy was going on with me because my first pregnancy wasn't like this one. I wasn't as sick as I was with this one. Anyway, it will stop. Give it a little more time. There is a light at the end of the tunnel... -smile- Good Luck!!


Dani - August 25

Hi CJ- I am currently 20 1/2 wks, & My morning sickness just stopped 1 wk ago. I would puke 14-15 times a day and several times found myself at the hospital being rehydrated. I had to take medication every 3 hrs ( cant think of name, something they give kemo patients) I felt the same way.The meds never seemed to help but i was told to keep taking them for every little they were helping. I even had to put in my 2 wks notice at work because as a cashier i couldnt have my head over the trash the whole time, it just dont work. I have told my hubby I am not having anymore kids. This is my first and last. I knew i was just doomed to have it all 9 months, but it finally has went away. I was the same as you , just wanted to be able to run around and have fun being preggo and have good memories. Things will purk up for you :) Keep your chin up! Belly rubs


Tanya - August 25

Dani, you say right now that you don't want any more, but you will. I said the same thing!!! I was sure I wasn't having any more after my daughter. She's going to be two in November, and I will be having my second in Oct. I'm saying the same thing again, NO MORE. I told my husband that we're getting spayed, neutered, fixed, whatever you want to call it. This is it for me. I love being pregnant for the most part, but I don't want to go through the morning sickness and all day sickness, and just the over all feeling of being sick and weak all the time. Maybe we'll adopt somewhere down the road...


Claudia - August 25

Dani, you are the only one I heard that morning sickness went away at 19 weeks. As most of examples I heard before is last 9 whole term if it did not stop at 16 weeks. You do give me some light here as I am at the edge of 16 weeks and still sick like a dog. Now, I almost lost hope before reading your post. Can not imagine to be this sick for 9 months. Yeah, I totally understand you. My husband also said this will be our only child.



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