Anybody Else Having A Home Birth

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Ashley - November 2

Hey, I'm just curious if anybody else out there is using a midwife or having a home birth. This is my first and I am so excited about the challenge ahead. Anybody else? :)


Beth - November 2

No because your a crazy super woman :)


Jennifer - November 2

Homebirth all the way for me! I have a midwife and a doula (my best friend) who have both had home births. My friend has had two hospital births and two home births, and she said the experience at home was so much better. In both cases, she didn't accept medication, and she told the doctor at the hospital she'd sue him if he so much as touched her perineum. But the difference was that in the hospital, she had to loudly voice her opinions, and at home, the midwife knew before hand what she was expecting, and with her last one she actually got to deliver her baby herself! Home delivery seems so much more empowering than hospital birthings. Now don't get me wrong, if the hospital is needed, I am very thankful it is there, but if there are no complications, why go to a hospital? You aren't sick, you're having a baby! It's not a medical "problem" and shouldn't be treated as such. This is also my first baby, and I couldn't be more relaxed about it. The coolest thing about having a midwife verses a doctor is that a midwife will tell you that you are woman for a reason.. your body was made this way and it can handle it, whereas a doctor will tell you that you won't be able to handle the pain, you'll need all kinds of meds... basically treating you as a sick patient instead of a beautiful delivering woman!


Jennifer - November 2

(not that i am opinionated on this subject or anything!! hehe)


Ashley - November 2

Lol, Beth! You make me laugh. See? There is somebody else!! Jennifer, I have an awesome midwife and my husband has been to cla__ses and will be my coach! I know a really sweet doula, but she is like, my mom's best friend, and if I have her I have to have my mom, too! I want it just to be me, hubby, midwife and her a__sistant. I found out I can ask for a particular a__sistant to help during birth! (There are several that help my midwife) How cool is that? At a hospital I think you have to take what you can get. There is one girl I would prefer so I guess I'll make that known at my next appt! I know sooo many people who have had multiple kids and are so happy with homebirth but my husband's family is just kind of watching us skeptically. My mother in law has actually made a few muttered "dead baby" comments!!! How sad is that? Hey, when are you due? I'm due between 2/14 -3/1 :) If you want to keep in touch my email is [email protected] :)


Beth - November 2

OK Ashley, I know that your not the only one, I'm too much of a wuss to try the first one at home. I figure if I can get through this one without dying, I'll try a waterbirth for my next baby. You guys amaze me though, I wish I had that kind of strength. I on the other hand am terrified.


erin - November 6

This is my third pregnancy and the first time I am having a midwife. Although I'm not planning a home birth, my midwife has lots of rights (I'd guess you'd call it) at the local hospital. So even though I'm not in my own home, I can have things pretty much as I want it. I just like the security of being there in case something does go wrong. I admire you Ashley for having a midwife and home birth the first time around. I think most of us have to have a bad experience first before we figure out how to do it right! lol


Alycia - November 7

Hi, Ashley and Jennifer! I'm having a homebirth with my first baby as well, and I too am so relaxed and excited about it. I was really tense about fighting with the doctors about various aspects of prenatal care, birth, and neonatal care before, but now I feel so great! I love the control this gives my husband and me.


Tess - November 7

Just would you know right away if you want home birth? I mean how if you need c-sec? Whats gonna happened? .......just wondering. LOL


Ashley - November 7

Hey, Alycia! I think maybe it's the knowledge that so empowering! :) If you want to keep in touch, I gave out my email addy to Jennifer earlier! Tess, I don't remember when I first learned about home birth, but I think I've known that's the route I wanted to go since my teens. I was concerned that midwives wouldn't be up-to-date and use like, a black bag and a stethoscope and I was pleasently supprised when I started interviewing midwives. She has dopplers and oxygen and the same drug they use in the hospitals to stop hemorages should one occur. Out of 63 births last year, 3 went to the hospital and 1 ended up c-section. My midwife doesn't take risks but if you believe birth is natural and not an illness, home birth might be the way to go! :)


Sara - November 7

nope as nice as it sounds I wont chance it you can still have a healthy preg ect and last min find out you need emrg for one reason or another I am not chanceing my baby to that I had a friend who lost hers because it took to long to get to hosp the baby would of been ok but it was all in the timing sorry not me


Emy - November 7

I am with Sara......As intriguing and beautiful as it sounds, I am too scared that the baby would be born needing medical care and I live about 20 miles from the hospital. But more power to you! I hope it is a dream labor for you!


Alycia - November 7

I live one mile from our hospital, and it takes 15 minutes to prep for an emergency c-section (I checked!), so I should be covered if something goes wrong. As Ashley said, the midwife does have medicine and rususcitation equipment in case something goes awry.


Karen - November 7

I think everyone has to make the choice on where to have their baby themselves. However, you need to know the dangers of having a home birth. My child would have died if I had a home birth. I had a very quick delivery and by the time they new my baby was in danger I would not have made it to the hospital in time to save the baby's life. However, it is a journey that only you can decide.. but also please look into those births that don't go as planned. We had absolutely NO idea that anything was wrong. Good luck in your decision.



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