Anyone 16 Or 17 Weeks Just Wanna Talk

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Amy - April 28

I am 16 weeks, almost 17 weeks. Due October 9th. Anyone just want to chat about what is happening with their bodies, or babies or just anything.


Ellie - April 28

Hi, I am due October 6th. So far, this has been a great pregnancy (my first), no morning sickness at all, and I am so thankful. I have had the few headaches every now and then. How about you? What are you experiencing? Did You find out what you are having yet? Will you? Do y ou have any feelings or preferences on what the baby might be?


Amy - April 28

This is my second pregnancy. I have felt so bad up until a week or so ago. My sense of smell is out of control. I can't do the dishes or change the bag in the garbage can without almost tossing my cookies. My husband is convinced that we are having twins. They run in his family. I am hopeful that it is only one baby. We have our first ultrasound on the 9th, we will hopefully find out the s_x of our baby. I am hoping that it is a boy, since we already have a girl. But either way, as long as its only one baby we will be happy.


Ellie - April 28

Good, that you have finally starting feeling better! I was nervous that we may be having twins, they run on both sides of our family, but I had my first ultrasound at 8 weeks and luckily only one baby. I don't have that much experience with babies, so I am thankful that our first is only one...but I think I wouldn't mind a set of twins later on! Key words "i might"


Amy - April 28

I always thought that it would be awesome until I had a baby. They are so much work. I can't imagine the work being doubled. That means there would be virtually no sleeping at night. None at all. And now that I have an almost 3 year old, I am so glad that I only had one. I can't imagine going through the terrible two's with more than one. I have tons of respect for people that do it.


jaimee - April 28

Hey I am about 15 or 16 weeks...ill talk..


kh - April 28

hi all, i will be 17 weeks (Saturday). this is my 6th pregnancy and by far my worse. i have had 2 miscarragies and i have 3 daughters. they are 16,15,12. after the youngest they said that i probably coundn't get pregnant again. i was 23 then you could say i was in shock when at 35 i pop up pregnant again. anybody else like this or were ya'll trying?


Amy - April 28

My husband and I were trying. It didn't take us too long. Just about a month. We are so excited to have a new baby. I am looking forward to meeting the baby and learning everything all over again.


Sonya-edd 10/12/05 - April 28

Hey all, I am 16 wks and very excited yet always still scared. My first pregnancy ended in miscarraige in 2001 and then I had a healthy boy in 2002. It took us over a year of trying and then some intervention with a fertility specialist to get pregant this time. It really makes you appreciate the pregnancy even more. I am feeling good considering. I had some sickness (not bad at all), I have a lot of headaches (but it could be allergies) and I am having very bad heartburn. I also have insomnia, but it all just kind of makes me laugh. It is really such a short period of time and the end result is so worth it. One of my dearest friends is 6 days ahead of me so we have lots of fun sharing. I am showing a lot more than her though. Gook luck to all for a healthy pregnancy, easy delivery and healthy baby.


Cinshon - April 28

I'm 17 weeks and due, Oct 6, I really haven't experienced alot all except alot of bloating.


Cinshon - April 28

To Ellie, if you don't mind me asking when was your last LMP, and when was your conception? just curious since we are due the same date


rae - April 29

Hi everyone. This is my third time. I have to daughters 14,12. We always wanted more chilren and I never took bith control but after 12 years I didn't think it would happen. I never talked to a Doc about it cause I felt blessed that I had two children. To say I shocked and SO HAPPY to find myself pg is an understatment. The first two were very hard but so far I feel great this time. I'll be 19 weeks on Monday.


Ellie - April 29

To your question, Cinshon, my LMP was 12/30, I couldn't tell you when the conception was...ALl I know is my husband and I were trying daily for almost 2 weeks from 01/09-01/21, (I wrote in on my calendar, lol) and on one of those days, we got lucky! How about you?


Kimberly - April 30

Hey Ellie I'm due Oct, 6th too. And like you I have had a pretty easy tome of it ..just tired alot


Kimberly - April 30

Oh and i think it's a girl I will hopefully find out may 12th. cross your fingers and hope baby cooperates


tammy - April 30

Hi Amy, I am almost 15 weeks, due October 28th. This is my 3rd child. I have a 20 yr.old girl and a 4 yr.old boy. I do not love being pregnant. I tend to gain alot of weight and generally feel blah! How are things going for you?


Ellie - April 30

Hey Kimberly, Is this you first too? Do other people think you are having a girl? Everyone thinks we're having a boy, but I'm thinking its a girl, we will hopefully find out on May18th (that's my birthday!) Good luck to you!



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