Anyone Anxiously Awaiting The 3rd Trimester Want To Wait

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HannahBaby - June 15

UGH!! Seeing all these posts about christmas babies is makeing me anxious to get over to the third trimester board!! Only 4 weeks to go.....Anyone want to wait with me??


dancr_grl16 - June 15

yea i cant wait til im on the third trimester boards although i only have 2 weeks til im there yay...


Amanda551 - June 15

yea me too but I think I'm jsut ready for my pregnancy to be over!! ha ha. what are your due dates?? How are you all feeling at the moment?


cmfqueens - June 15

Hey Girl!!!! When does the third trimester actually start. I'm in week 21 one right now, and very anxious. They say the last three months feel the longest!!!!


SuzieQ - June 15

Heck yah! I'm 24wks and can't wait for the 3rd trimester! I feel so impatient some days - I can't wait to see our baby here :) I've been pretty lucky with this pregnancy so far symptom-wise. The worst thing so far is waking up with the most painful leg cramps I've ever gotten in my entire life


jenrodel - June 15

Can't wait for the third trimester!! I'm 24 weeks today... not long to go now! Due on October 5th! Soon I will see you all on the third trimester board, hope you are all feeling well.


HannahBaby - June 15

im due october 13, so im 23 weeks tomorrow...I cant wait to feel movement everyday. im so inbetween where hes all over one day, the i dont feel him the next. Im not so excited for the birth, just because i rushed my first pregnancy and really want to enjoy this one.


tayla1012 - June 15

hey hannababy, I will definitely wait with you. I am also due on 10/13.


HannahBaby - June 15

YAY!! hi!! Do you know what your having??


tayla1012 - June 15

it's a boy


pari - June 15

i am definitely awaiting the third trim......although i am only 21 weeks preg......i just cant wait to be in 27th week.......


Twinkie - June 15

Hi Ladies, mind if I wait with you? I'll be 26 weeks this Sunday, so I'm not quite ready for the 3rd tri jump .... still so much to do before my baby arrives! This is DH and my first, after 9 years of marriage, with no luck, it unexpectedly happened. We are both so excited, but we're not spring chickens anymore either! : )


Betul - June 15

Hey, I am right there with all of ya! I am 24 weeks too and due October 6th! I am starting to feeling very tired again and the stairs in my house are killing me!! Summer hasn't even really kicked in is going to be a very long 3rd Trimester....


HannahBaby - June 15

i hear ya about the stairs!! I have to carry a 25lb kid up and down the stairs all day long!!


jessicadru - June 15

tayla1012 and hannahbaby, WOW ladies I am due Oct. 14th, i would love to wait with you. I feel her movement pretty much everyday, some stronger than others though. I am not looking forward to this long summer. Has anyone tried to lay by the pool. I did and it is fine for a while and then gets to be way too hot. The funny thing is, is that my front side is sooooo much darker than my back. They need to have reclining chiars with holes cut in the center!!


emilymalm - June 16

I want to zoom ahead and be holding my full-term baby. I'm 22 weeks and already impatient. Thankfully, the summer heat hasn't really started here yet. I'd be happy to wait with you ladies.


HannahBaby - June 16

im pretty excited about the summer!! I was pregnant in the winter with my daughter and felt like c___p all winter because they dont make any cute maternity clothes, just big oversize sweatshirt like shirts. I have quite the wardrobe right now getting ready for summer!! We have AC so when it gets too hot ill just stay inside. I think its going to be a cool summer though. (i Live in NY)



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