Anyone Around 15 Or 16 Weeks

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Jessica - October 9

Hi ladies I just wanted to compare notes on our pregnancys. I am 15w+5d and due March 28, 2006. I find out the s_x on October 26 and I cant wait. I have been feeling bubbles like sensations and Im not sure if its the baby or not. But I just want to hear how you all are feeling? When your due date is? Have you felt the baby move? When you find out the s_x? Or anything that you wantto share. Hope to hear from you soon


Jamie - October 9

Im due March 27. I had an ultrasound at 14 weeks and they think that they could see the p___s, so did me and my husband. I have not felt anything though as far as movement, not even bubbles or b___terfly feelings, nothing.....I have felt wonderful though the past week, after getting over the worst m/s ever! I am not showing at all yet, and sick of everyone saying I do not look pregnant AT ALL. But I can tell my waist just looks thicker instead of really flat like it used to.


Jessica - October 9

HI jamie, Glad to hear you are feeling better. I had bad m/s too and it was c___ppy to feel like that all the time. Have you done any testing for down syndrome or trisomy 18 or anything like that? I had mine last week and get the results back tomorrow I hope. Do you have another u/s coming up to confirm the s_x and to measure the baby? Talk to you later


Cathy - October 10

Jessica I am also due on March 28. No movement felt yet, but feeling great! I am showing however, I just wish I could feel my little swimmer moving so I knew all is well.


Jessica - October 10

Hi Cathy, Wow we are just about the same here with dates! When do you find out the s_x? Or are you going to find out? I am starting to show also and its adorable (I think). Are you going to opt for the triple screen testing or any of that? I hopefully get my results back today for the triple screen testing although I am not really nervous about it. I pray everyhting is normal but I am not beating myself up with worry over it. Let me know how you are doing when you get a chance.


Cathy - October 10

Jessica, I am not getting the triple screen done. My doctor has advised me against it. I have had 4 mc and if the test were to come out positive i would need more evasive tests that could cause another mc. Right now I don't even feel pregnant anymore. I guess it is the blessing of the 2nd trimester. My first 3 months were awful. : ( I am now doing well and we will be finding out the s_x. I have an appointment on wednesday and then we will schedule our ultrasound. I hope it is soon. I cannot wait to find out. Maybe then it will seem "real" to me.


Jennifer - October 10

Hi. I'm due the first week in April, but I'm having twins, so I'll probably deliver 2-4 weeks early. I feel huge already and have been wearing maternity clothes since week ten! But its fine with me, since it makes it feel more real. I just can't wait to feel movement!


Marlene - October 10

Im due march 25th and cant wait. I go to find out the s_x oct 28-the longest wait next to having baby in your arms!! I feel great I guess always hungry but never know what i want. Didnt really have m/s so cant complain.Goodluck to everyone and stay in touch


Jamie - October 10

To Jessica-Yeah I am going to have another u/s at 20 weeks to confirm that it is a boy and also measure the baby. My mom is a midwife so we do them at her office every couple weeks for fun, even though she is not an u/s tech, she is pretty good at it. But no, I am not going to have any testing of the baby done, I'm 23, so I just hope all is well......


MLS - October 10

Hey Jessica. My due date is March 28, 2006 also! This is my second baby, which they say you can feel sooner than your first. I've felt a couple small "bubble pops" here and there but no "OH MY GOD THAT WAS DEFINATELY THE BABY" movements yet. I've been feelig really great since I entered my second trimester. we aren't finding out the s_x of the baby, we want it to be a surprise! take care!


Amy from MN - October 10

Hi Ladies, I am 16 weeks and I am due March 26th 2006. This is my 4th baby. I am 26 years old and I am a SAHM. I sell things on Ebay to make extra cash. Which I love to do because I get to go to garage sales and thrift stores all week long. Although it is hard to have a 2 year old and a 1 year old in tow. But I manage. My oldest is 8 and in 2nd grade. I was very surprised to find out that I was pregnant again because I was on the IUD for birth control. But everything happens for a reason and this baby was just meant to be. But this will be our last, I am getting my tubes tied. I also found out I have complete placenta previa at a 12 week US but we are hoping that it will move to its right spot before delivery, if not I will have to get a c-section. Which I am bummed out about. My 3 others were quick and easy Vaginal deliveries. Well I have felt a few flutters now and then but nothing constant yet. I can't wait to get my US at 22 weeks, hopefully We will found out the gender. Personally I want a girl, they are so much easier than little boys I think. My 2 oldest are girls, Aubrey and Vaeda, and my little guy is Mason. Good LLuck to all you ladies and I hope to get to know some of you so we can go through our pregnancies together!!! ~Amy~


Jessica - October 10

Het Cathy, I am glad you are feeling well. I have been feeling much better lately myself. No more morning sickness. Hi Jenifer! Wow twins that is amazing. Congratulations. Are you nervous or scared? Are you going to find out the s_x? Let us know how you are doing? Marlene we are finding out the s_x of our babies close in date. I find out on the 26th of october. I heard if you drink some orange juice before the sonogram that the baby will be awake and moving all around. This way it wont be sitting there with its legs crossed hiding the s_x. I am definetly going to have some Oj before I go. I will let you know if it works. Jamie that is pretty neat that your mom is a mid wife and you have easy access to ultrasounds. I am jealous! We are both around the same age. I am 22 and this is my first. I dont blame you for not having the tests done but my doctor just wanted. Let us know for sure if it is a boy. Congrats! Hey MLS glad to hear you are feeling well. You must have a lot of patience to wait the whole 9 months to find out the s_x. I cant do it but what a great suprise that will be for you and your hubby!! We have the same due date also. Do you think you will deliver before or after that date? I always wonder that. I just cant wait to meet this beautiful person that I created. Hey Amy how are you doing? That is pretty cool that you sell things on ebay. I have always wanted to but havent done it yet but I love to buy things. Its an addiction sometimes. I have my mom hooked on it and she cant stop buying her Manolos. Sorry to hear about the placednta previa but I will say a prayer for you that it corrects itself. I am sure it will. Are you excited about finding out the s_x? I am and I just cant wait. When you find out you must let us know. Well I have got to go cook some dinner so I hope to hear from you all soon!!


Jessica - October 10

Typo: Hey, Cathy (sorry)


Beth - October 10

I am due on april 13, good friday. I can find out in about a month and yup I cant freakn wait, Im so excited. I have been feeling the baby it feels like little flutters in my uterus. I was a size two before this started so that is why I can feel the babe a little earlier(thats what the doc said) but no big kicks or anything it just feels like gas but its not. I do have a little bulge, like Im bloated and getting my period only my closes friends and family can tell. I did put on two pounds since the beginning what about you gals any weight gain? I hope Im not the only one.


Marlene - October 11

Hey Jessica I heard the oj-thing too so i plan on drinking alot of it.I'm not big on surprises so i cant wait to find out the s_x.I think its a boy but my mom and rest of the family say girl.We will have to see-what do you think you're having?


Erin - October 11

I'm due on March 25...your due on my birthday!! Hope I get to share it with your little gift! I think that I have felt the baby move but it might just be gas, my doc said since this is my second baby I won't feel it move till around 19 think shes full of I get to go for my ultra sound on Nov.7 I hope we get to find out what it is, I really want a boy (I already have a girl).keep me posted on how things go!!


B - October 18




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